Sunday, October 05, 2008

Weekend Update

Well, kids, it was an absolutely pristine and wonderful weekend in Canton - great weather and great shopping and I had a great time. I have to give some kudos to my hubby - the guy follows along from pillar to post and carries the packages and offers up his wallet. Now, how can you beat that? Plus he asks what I'm looking for (in the junk section) and keeps his eyes peeled. We found TONS of stuff - I can't wait to take a pic tomorrow. Baskets galore, including gym baskets, wooden bingo tokens, oilcloth, wooden paddle, a 9 pane window, a large wire display door (we saw them at Mystic Paper but I didn't want to carry it home), lots of knobs and pulls, lots of books including a great childrens dictionary, two 12 x 12 checker boards - alot of this stuff was $1. The ribbon was $5 for an entire card (guy had closed his store). Oh and a beautiful quilt fabric bag and 4 quilt place mats (I'm so tired I could barely remember the word...)
We went to a local football game for true Friday Night Lights- Homecoming for a senior - DeWayne's cousin son. What fun that was - watching all the kids - small and large. It was a nice cool nite plus it brought back lots of memories for my hubby who played local ball.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday we went to Canton and shopped. Normally we'll go to Old Mill or Dogtown but this time we spent the entire time at Canton proper and still didn't see everything. We spent most of our time in the back with all the junk - I loved it! We had dinner at our favorite restaurant in Lindale, Petty's. It was such beautiful weather and a great time but my tootsies are killing me.
And finally, a last hurrah to my baby sister, who after tonight will no longer be in her forties... Happy Birthday, Little Sister!


Megan said...

ooooh junk shopping sounds so much fun!!! what a good hubby! Is this a special sale or just a town with a lot of good shops?

Jeanne said...

OK..where's Canton? Is it near Destin?