Monday, September 29, 2008

The Good Guys

I had an EXCELLENT weekend, thanks to these selfless guys. They left their comfortable homes in South Carolina just so that they could work 12 to 16 hour days in the heat of Texas with our ginormous mosquitos. And they did it with a lot of humor. They sleep at our convention center, using disposable towels, sleeping on cots where they keep the lights on all night (for security?). I'm hoping they got a hotel room and that they get to go back home soon. The neighbors of Afton Village are ever so grateful. We had cool and pleasant autumn weather this weekend. We still have things that need to get fixed around the house but the tree debris has been picked up and it still feels odd to look out and see lights at night. Crazy, huh. I took it easy - got Oprah's new book club selection, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle I'm looking forward to diving in! Enjoyed some steaks on the grill and played with a couple of projects. I will be getting ready to go to Silver Bella soon! And I'm thinking about signing up for Debby Schuh's Mediterranean cruise. It sounds absolutely magnificent plus hearing that Carolyn Cavanagh went on a similar cruise makes it all seem possible. I have a work trip next July in Rome... is that too much? Since CE is in August, at least it won't be two trips in one month! I can justify anything!


Megan said...

Love that you took photos of them! Love that you can jsutify anything!

Barb said...

The guys look great....awesome that you are getting back to normal....and go for it on the sounds wonderful!

Dawn Gahan said...


Thank you for your sweet compliment about my shoji screen! I have discovered that scrapbook paper is a craft person's dream; it can be used for so much!


P.S. Having looked at all the pictures that you linked to in your blog, I can honestly say that I had no idea just how bad it was in Texas. Glad you came out unscathed.