Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas

I should be packing (lots of heavy layered clothing) for Chicago right now but instead I'm rambling down the Super Highway, playing here and there. Google Reader. Ebay. Facebook. It hasn't been all play - there's been some hard work. I found a library card catalog. For someone else. Dammit. No, not really - it was an excellent score in Omaha and Ms. Foofala herself picked it up. It was such a find... $65! There's another one in Portland and Stockton, CA. I'll keep googling "craigslist library card catalog" and hopefully one will show up in Texas somewhere. This photo isn't Theresa's cabinet, I found it while searching - don't you just love it. It belongs to this lady. What a great display!
I finished reading The Shack and it was such a great book. I loved it - mostly because of where I am in my life right now. It is such a great spiritual reminder. I want to read the second half again. I'm sure we'll have alot of time in the airport tomorrow - I plan on bringing lots of reading material. Nancy and I are going to Great Lakes to see Rachel. She's finishing up basic training for the Navy and it is also her birthday - she's a Christmas baby. I sure wouldn't do it for many people... I'd love to stay home. I finally ditched the idea that I was going to drive in that snowy, icy weather so we're taking taxis - what a relief. Until Friday, when my roomie, Jeanne and some of the CE gang are meeting me at their LSS, Hannahs. We're also going into Highland Park to see Paper Source. Love that store - have only been to the one in Beverly Hills - so this will be good fun. If I don't freeze my buns off. Unfortunately, the weather is suppose to turn nasty on Friday - icy sleet but we're hoping no. I can hope. I wouldn't blame them one bit if they wanted to stay in for the day... I would - to scrapbook.
One thing I have to say about Christmas this year. My husband loves Christmas time and all the gift buying - that man enjoys every moment of it. He's taught me alot about generosity and gift giving. I'm very lucky. It has been nice this year though doing it alot simpler and I think most everyone is doing that. Buying one or two meaningful gifts. My present was the Cricut Expression. I can't wait to use it and make this. I had plans to make some of my gifts - I hope next year I'll be better with that. It feels good though knowing that we'll start 2009 without a pile of credit card debt from Christmas. I also put the kabash on scrapbook buying. My motto is - if I'm not going to use it in the next two weeks, I don't buy it. No more rambling trips to HL or Mikes picking up $35 worth of stuff.
In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with lots of time to enjoy family and presents and some time to sit still and be in His presence. Good Night.


Heidi of Everyday Cookies said...

Hi Peg! I just read Teresa's blog about the card catalog she picked up...thanks to you! Very cool!

I'm reading that book now, just have a little bit left to go...

What a fun time you'll have on your trip...sounds like you have lots planned! I wish you and your husband and neices a very blessed and merry Christmas!
Hugs, your Silver Bella friend,

Sandy said...

I love that lady's blog!! We had an ice crusher just like that when I was in high school!! You are going to have a wonderful time in Chicago and when you get back I have a little RAK surprise for you!! Have a great trip and a wonderful holiday. Tell Jeanne and the gang I said HEY!!

Sandy said...

I found a card catalog!! in Rosenberg at the Red Queen's Attic. It is about 80 drawer one piece unity on a bench stand. Unfortunately, a wee bit over priced at $4100. I think they must want to keep it in their shop for a while longer. At $300 it would have been in my trunk.. Oh well,

Jeanne said...

I'm so glad we got to be together Friday. We intrepid scrappers can't let a little thing like weather stop us! I LOVE your picture of the pups! So cute!