Friday, December 05, 2008

You're In the Navy Now

Lots of random stuff swarming around in my mind. I am almost well from the cold crud - gosh its taken a long time to leave! What's that saying - fish and family stink after three days??? Well, we can add flu to that... ~ Have you seen the new version of Picasa 3? It is Google's free software for photo editing and storage? I swear by it, especially for uploading photos after an event to share. I've played with the new choices for collage - lots of fun! ~
Rachel's graduation from Navy basic training is January 2nd in freezing Chicago! I am so INCREDIBLY proud of her beyond words. She sounds so happy and focused - it is the best possible choice for her. We will definitely be there to see her graduate. This is a pic of her at her last graduation 2 years ago. The good news about Chicago is that a whole slew of my peeps live there: Jeanne, Cathy, Nan, Melissa and Kathleen! I am hoping to get together with them and maybe even see their LSS, Hannahs!
The next picture is a beautiful journal made by Carol Wingert that I picked up at the Silver Bella Vendor Faire for my friend, Laurel. Laurel, Cindy and I LOVE Carol Wingert projects, especially her white books. Right now Laurel is the high bidder on Karen Russell's blog for a spot in her online photography class - lucky lucky girl! (We all learned so much in Karen's one day photography class - I can't recommend it enough!) Karen is donating the money to a charity of Laurel's choice. A great win/win situation for everyone. We all missed Laurel's birthday party last month because we were sick so we need to plan a makeup session soon.
I'm late for work... Here's to a great Friday and weekend!

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Susan S. said...

Hi Peg....just found your blog and thought I'd pop in and say Hi! I live in Houston too...near the Heights. Thanks for the tip about Picasa....Happy Holidays!