Friday, January 16, 2009

Needle and Thread Sings for Me

I couldn't stop thinking about Pam Garrison's stitching yesterday. All day long. Take a look at the project and story with it - I love it. It even made me make a Border's run yesterday at lunch - one of my favorite extravagances. The Border's on Kirby has the best magazine selection, and magazines are (one of) my addictions so I indulge and after several therapy sessions, I can do so guilt-free! Voila! I made the run because of Pam's blog yesterday, to get the new Somerset Life, which I knew I wanted. But the magazine doesn't do the pillowcase cover justice, her blog does. Just great imagination and love the stitching. I've been crazy about embroidery for the past couple of months, ever since Silver Bella. A week before, both Rebecca Sower and Pam showed some handy work, too cool for me. Makes me drool. Prior to that, Heather Bullard showed a beautiful piece of artwork and so now I want to learn how to embroider. And isn't it interesting what came in the door - the thread I found at MAM. No coincidence! Anyone have any tips? Start with just a plaything like Pam & Rebecca or a real project like the p/c? I couldn't stop thinking about the pillowcase yesterday - what do I want on mine? A bird yes, a heart, I love owls (fat ones) and it was so great that she included the pattern. Plays nice with others.

I forgot to mention I took my Mom to Celine Dion on Friday night. I was doing it as an obligation, nice thing to do and since we now have the transport chair, why not give that a whirl. My 85 year old mom gets around well but not long distances. I've always thought Dion was a bit fake and well, you know, just cheesy. Well, let me tell you, folks, I cried. Her music and performance was so moving I had tears and lots of them during the concert. Great stage set up with a people mover on it and good dancing and some amazing vocals (of course). I was really surprised but I thoroughly enjoyed it, maybe more than Mom. Who knew!

No pics. Wait, that can't happen. Let's see what I can scurry up. Since I'm leaving on a jet plane, here's the last one, going to Chicago as the sun set. through the window... And here is a picture of a great display at Anthropologie last month. Interesting, no? I learned the last time I was there that they move displays from one store to another - rotating and there isn't a great AP warehouse somewhere with all this amazing stash. Too bad, so sad. Anyhow, hope you have a great weekend!


Sandy said...

Here I am again, first responder. We can have a stitch and bitch at my house. I can show you a lot of emb. stitching and we can have fun too. Call in the troops. I'll be happy to host, just not a basketball weekend. Can't waste those tickets.

Jeanne said...

I wish we were closer...I'd give you a hand with the embroidery. But I think you're in good hands with Sandy!

Megan said...

As always you link to some gorgeous stuff. But are you seriously not going to blog about the new puppy??? When? what kind?

Nathalie Thompson said...

I am toying with dusting off my embroidery skills too (I stitched as a teen- MANY years ago). Coincidence? I think not. I think we all just visit the same inspirational blogs! haha!