Monday, January 12, 2009

Prayer Card

Long time, no speak. We're still rocking and rolling here on Northampton. Getting ready to go to Cayman Islands next week for work. Tough. I know. With the first of the year, been making lots of TO DO lists and checking off quite a few items. Finished a prayer card for my aunt. This is the front of it with St. Francis prayer. And this is the back of it - its more elaborate than usual. I use pages from a child's board book for these. My favorite prayer is St. Teresa. Sometimes I seem to forget the second line: May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Exactly.

I've sticking with my avoidance of Mike's and HL although I had one slip and fall right after Christmas. $68. Yep. Good stuff but still... All on sale - I used the coupon on a 99 cent item.

I did go to one of my favorite junk places - MAM or Memorial Assistance Ministries. They have good stuff at cheap prices. Found two large glass knobs (4") for $1 each and two boxes of embroidery thread for $5 and $3. And two jars of buttons $1 each. I love that I have some grandma's stash and that it will be put to good use. I'll bet she likes it too. Oh and on Sunday we made a major find after breakfast at the Egg & I. (it's on Memorial and a fantastic breakfast place). We stopped in at an old antique mall that's pretty much empty and found some nice oak cabinets but all too expensive. At the second mall (at Wilcrest) we found one of my China doll vases - yes - amazing, I know. $3. These vases are rare, and mean nothing to anyone else - they're just sentimental to me because I got my first one from a co-worker 30 years ago. I was a puppy and she was retiring and it just brings back great memories.

What I haven't been doing is practicing with my camera and it shows. I wish I could commit to Karen's 52 weeks of photos but no can do. My lighting is dark and dull and way off even with the ISO 800 - I need to look at my notes. And practice.
I did clean up my scrap room and emptied not one but TWO tables of kits and stuff from Silver Bella. Felt really good. Picked up two pretty white boxes with a gift card at Container store. Yum-o.

So what's your one word for 2009? I have been contemplating mine for several days now and I vacillate between bloom and finish. I never seem to finish projects and I'd like to spend this year focusing on that. I'd also like to find/fulfill my potential with creating - I couldn't find the right word for it so I gravitated toward bloom. I'll decide by the 15th, how's that?

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Sandy said...

Aha, I get to reciprocate on the first comment!! Either that or you and I are the only one who reads each other's blogs.LOL I have to go junking with you!!!