Saturday, February 07, 2009

Weekend Hoopla

I scanned four of my new cards and will post two for you, that I've cleaned up a little. Did you know that Picasa 3 now has a cloning tool that allows you to clean up an old photo. That is one thing I could do for hours - is blow up and clean up an old photo. I know it sounds monotonous but I love it. I'm a detailed girl at work so this makes natural sense. Call me simple.

This first one would make a sweet prayer card, with a little text added. and maybe a little shading.
My Genesis trimmer arrived and my honey is going to put it together later today (attach the light box). I can't wait! I need a flat surface to store it - not enough of that in my room so I'll need to do some moving around. Also, both library card catalogs, one 4 drawer and one 6 drawer arrived this week and they are already loaded up! I LOVE them. Got them on ebay and paid too much, but what the hell. They are gorgeous oak and now I see what a great organizer they can be. I want more!
I love these sisters, so cute and sweet. The cloning tool in Picasa isn't as good as PSE, so you'll have to clean up the two smudges on the side.
Have you ever heard of something called Destination Imagination? It's for kids in school, non profit organization that conducts tournaments where they learn teamwork and solving problems and presentations. Doesn't it sound amazing! I am going to a class this morning to learn how to judge a competition that happens at the end of this month. I'll miss Laurel's crop on that weekend, which is the biggest bummer but I haven't done much for my nephew lately, so I'm willing to sacrafice for him! He's 10. It is such a great tool to help prepare him for life later - I'm so glad he's interested in it.
OH and before I forget - Urban Market is tomorrow, starting at 9 am. I am going early this time. I've been a bit relaxed about it these past few times but it has become increasingly popular, so I'm going to head in with the crowd - why not! Sandy, Theresa and a bunch of the local girls are going... can't wait to see my peeps!


Sandy said...

I will be arising from my sick bed to meet you at Urban Market! I was laid low by the flu last Sunday and am still under the weather, but I feel 100% better!! See ya there.

Jeanne said...

You got your Library Card Files? What are you storing in them...come on...spill it!