Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Looking Forward

I'm home now for all of February, which allows for some great time to catch up on all the projects - I did clean up the spare bedroom and dropped off donations to Turning Point. We had a simple Valentine's Day. I made a board book for my husband, Ten Things I Love About You. I had a good time creating it. I have to say I am loving my Genesis trimmer - it really does cut like butter. So clean and crisp. And I managed to get into Karen Russell's photography class starting in June. Yipee! She's an amazing teacher - I can't wait to get some feedback. My photography skills lacking - here's a photo of the kids... I love them so much!

I'm looking forward to Saturday when I have breakfast with my brother and sister at the Egg & I. We started a monthly visit (last month). I am IN LOVE with the Egg & I - a franchise out of Colorado. They just serve breakfast and lunch, and the food is scrumptious - just the way you order it! Terrific orange juice, great flavored coffee. I highly recommend it, it's on Memorial near Kirkwood. Nothing makes me happier than flavored coffee and breakfast out! In the afternoon I'm heading to Elida's for our NW crop. After a handful of stores have closed in my old neighborhood, the customers have banded together and we have our own Yahoo group (Houston & Beyond) and monthly crops. I don't participate often but I enjoy this group every time I go. Not sure what project I'll work on... I still have Carol Wingert's white album to do!

I was thinking of doing the art journal for Scrap St. Louis, sign up deadline is February 28th. I said if I had a page designed by then, I would sign up. I would love to incorporate three different sections on the page, and an arch separating two of the sections, in the middle of the page. I can visualize it, now I just need to get it down on paper. I did sign up for Barb Reiniger's page swap. So many interesting teachers - Wendy Vecchi and Linda Cain. Really looking forward to this event. Two weeks later is Inspired in North Carolina. I am totally jazzed about the different vibe for that event - paint, canvas and TEN SECONDS STUDIO metal. Yes, Cheryl D will be teaching - so much to look forward to. But let's get back to the here and now... After watching an Oprah show about hormone replacement therapy, I'm thinking about signing up for it. I spend too many nights awake from 2-4 or 3-5, which seems to be a common problem. Anyone have experience with it? In any event, I'm going to lay my head down now. Good night.


Jeanne said...

Gee, we should just sign on the computers & chat when we can't sleep! Let me know if HRT works for you.

Michelle said...

I think I might have to talk hubby into the Egg and I for breakfast on Saturday! Might see you there before heading to Elida's!!!

Karen C said...

Oooh, that breakfast place sounds lovely! See you at the crop tomorrow!