Thursday, March 26, 2009

I is Important

I smile when I ride the two elevators at work with our sales guys. With each trip down they whip out their Blackberry, scrolling, reading emails, Oh so important. And I smile because I’m getting the same emails. They’re going to clean the carpet on Thursday night. Or pest control is coming on Wednesday. C’mon. Please. You’re not that important. Now when my husband is looking at his iphone while we're out or at a meal, he'll quietly say, Thursday. They're cleaning the carpet on Thursday.

I learned the Important lesson in 1984 when I was a pup, working a frenetic pace, (before Blackberrys) working late and weekends and thinking what I was doing was Oh so important. Please. It's insurance. It's not that important. I got sick and missed several weeks from work and that lesson got propped up right in my face, so I would get it. If you’re working in corporate America today, you are not that important. They will step over you if you think you need to lay down your life for the job.

I started going to scrapbook events around the country in 2006 and it has moved to a frenetic pace lately. I’ve added vintage and glitter and sewing to the party with events like Silver Bella. And I learned that I love it and its introduced me to a whole different group of gals, who are like me. Who get it. And I love seeing their art.

In the past week I’ve been inundated with some really mind-boggling messages – probably, because I read too many blogs. ha. But I am flabbergasted at how the cost for these events have gone through the proverbial roof. It is unfrigging-believable. I’ve attended Creative Escape for all 3 years and I hope to make it a fourth. They increased their price to $749 for a 3 day event. Locally for NSD, Heidi Swapp is teaching 2 days for $200, Junkie is having a two day event without a teacher for $100. In the vintage word, I found a whole schedule of weekend classes in 2009 for $500 or $750 – that’s a weekend with one teacher. Yes, they are AMAZING artists but damn. That’s a lot of smackeroos. I think there are some people that are confused about their importance.

I’m just shaking my head right now because I am one of the fortunate ones. Both my husband and I have great six figure jobs. And for the most part our chickies are out of the nest and on their own. Its all about us right now and if he wants to add to his gun collection, he does. If I want to attend an out of state workshop, I do. We’re one of the lucky ones... I just wonder though about all those gals trying to raise families or living on a tight budget. I just want to ask myself - who ARE these people that are paying these prices? Is it just another rung up the ladder, another tier up of society. But I also think that at some point, its will hit the wall, stop and come crashing down. It can’t sustain this frenetic pace. It will be burnout and then we’ll come back to a softer side of sharing art. For fun. For the art that we love. And those character figures with dollar sign eyes will disappear.
I look at it like the box stores. For a while its all about big stores and bagging your own stuff and pretty soon people will get tired of the vastness and then it will be all about ”personal service” and smaller stores and enjoying the experience. I get it - it’s a cycle. What comes around goes around. (okay, that's not the right metaphor but it sort of applies). Right now I’m just watching it swirl into its frenzy. While I wait to go to Scrap St. Louis and Inspired. And for the CE lottery ticket and the Silver Bella sign up to be announced. I still WANT to go but part of me is just shaking my head and saying, Wait. Slow down. Don't burn out. Enough is enough already.


Jeanne said...

How true!

Sandy said...

Here, here and bravo!! Well said!!

Barb said...

Boggles the mind, doesn't what and how you said it! Also glad to be seeing you soon in STL.

kana said...

Great post and you are so right!!

Shelley said...

Sometimes you have to wonder if someone is getting greedy w/ those prices!! Unfortunately, I will not be able to join you and all of the other chics @ St. Louis...I wish you a safe trip and a great time!!!!! Keep your calendar open in October 16-18...we're planning a weekend in the NW burbs for $115(incl. room & board).... We've all talked about why we really attend these events...yes, it's to learn new techniques, but if we get down to the important's to spend time w/ friends and meet new ones doing stuff we love!!!

Anonymous said...

I so agree! I've dreamed of attending one of those events with "famous" teachers, but there's no way I am shelling out over $400 for someone to show me how to glue things together. Or sew a stitch here or there. Or whatever the latest trend is. Don't get me wrong ~ I love scrapping and crafting of all sorts, but I'm just being realistic about it. I'd much rather donate my $400 to help feed the homeless and the hungry! I invite some friends over once a month and we scrap & craft for FREE and share our ideas for FREE. Imagine that. Blessings, Patricia

Julia said...

Well said Peggy.

My husband is way guilty of that "important, looking busy" with the blackberry. I am forever fussing at him about that.

And you are so right about the increasing fees...and the fee is just the beginning of the cost. The airfare, hotel, supplies, meals....ahhhh. I want so badly to go to Silver Bella again this year but I have to decide quickly.
A good friend of mine has moved to London and has invited me to come visit her this fall.

Hum.....Silver Bella or London?
Both? Gotta pick one. Two kids in college still.

If you go, I want to hear all about it. If I go, I'll see you there.