Thursday, March 19, 2009


I love calling my nieces and screaming into the phone, WHAT UP??? Life has been humming along at a steady pace and evening out quite nicely. I'm enjoying it and appreciating the many gifts that have been given to me. Trying to stay level and grateful. A quick trip to New Orleans for work and I enjoyed Friday night dinner at my cousins while I was there. Shrimp stew. My cousin grew up with my Dad so in a way it's like hanging out with my Dad - same mannerisms. Same deliberate movements, like me. I spent Friday afternoon walking in the quarter, picking up a few new fleur de lis objects. One beveled glass with etchings and one colored glass in purple and green and gold.
Work has been pretty intense lately but satisfying. I don't like getting all torqued up and stressed out, the way I did in my 30s. Life is just too short. It only got that way when I left for NOLA. Any time I leave the office, I feel this need to clear the stacks that may have been sitting there for months - all of a sudden, they need to go the day before I leave town. Crazy.
My husband gave me a 1980s photo album of hunting pictures that was falling apart. He is a scrapbooker. My husband. He wrote journals and titles with a dynamo label. How cool is that? I put it back together in a new album and saved the red labels. We actually had dinner with one of the guys 2 weeks ago - pretty cool. My husband, the scrapbooker.
We're going to Warrenton & Round Top next weekend and then on to Fredericksburg. Pretty fluid trip, I hope to stop in at Uncommon Objects in Austin. Looking forward to getting away with my man and hunting. That's about all I've got for right now. Life is good and I've got no complaints.

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Megan said...

Good to hear from you! Glad things are going well.