Monday, August 31, 2009

Birthday Celebration.

I had a birthday... on the 24th... it was fun. I was surprised and had alot of nice people at my house that are also called family. And we ate alot of nice food called spaghetti pie that is an old family recipe. And I opened alot of nice presents. And then I went to CE. I didn't get any pictures because a) it was MY birthday b) I left my camera on the plane from Rome to London. Yeah. I suck. But so does the douchebag that didn't turn the camera in when they found it. I must be getting old because a while back the word "db" used to offend me. Oh well. I'm a year older.

I'm making this story short because I want to talk about CE... But I also want to remember the surprise. My husband woke me up at 8:45 am on Sunday with the offer of birthday breakfast at the Egg and I. Who can turn that down??? Not me, that's for sure. I love that place. We went to ACE Hardware and wasted an hour or so and then not one, but two Half-Priced Books. Right then and there I should have realized something was up - for my husband to say, let's go to another store - across town. But I was unsuspecting... And on the way home, I said, let me run into Lane Giant and get some unmentionables... I'll just be a minute - wait in the car. And when we pulled onto our street I noticed my brother's car still at my house. He visits my Mom on Sundays so I was excited that he was still there... And then I noticed Nancy's car and then my stepdaughter's car... and then it was Oh! duh! There's a party for me... Yipee. It was very nice to be waited on - and my sweet niece did all the work of preparing not one but TWO Spaghetti Pies and a cake and fixins... My husband surprised me with a gift card from Crate and Barrel for a kitchen table - whoot! and a baby Dell so I can sit on the sofa and read blogs. Secretly, I think he got the computer so he could look at gun stuff... but we'll just keep that to ourselves. Okay - birthday over... on to Phoenix! Oh, here's the only photo...

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Linda said...

Happy belated birthday!!! Sounds like it was PERFECT!