Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fair is Fair

I had several coffee-spitting laughs over Julia's blog post adventure of obtaining an acceptable passport photo (she's going to London this year). And in my haste, I said I would post my passport photo if she would post hers.
She did so now I will, being a girl of her word.

I get a bit of a pass though, since the holographic is on top of my face...

I'd rather post a photo of me when I was 6, so I will.

So Linda, its your turn. Have a good Sunday everybody! We're going to Mardi Gras Cafe on Shepherd for a birthday luncheon for my mother's 86th birthday. Only problem is I have to find something non-fried there to eat! Good luck.


Linda said...

Oh! Did I say that I would do that? Oh my....I'm guessing I did....okay....... in the morning. ha

Linda said...

It's done!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh, Peggy, we had the same hair dresser when we were kids. I can't handle straight across bangs on me to this day!