Monday, September 21, 2009


I can't help myself when it comes to Paper Source. The quality and color of the envelopes are heaven to me and as I selected my colors - I had every intention of checking my inventory before I went to Boston, but it doesn't look like I have but one duplication of red envelope #9. I'm going to print this page and mark my inventory - really I am. I usually treat myself to a little prize and this time I picked up some chalkboard wallies. I love chalkboard. I still have a large mirror outside to convert to a chalk board. Lots of projects... always.
Boston weather was beautiful, as was the location of the Hyatt. I arrived Wednesday and left early Sunday morning and while it was a bit windy at times near the water, the weather was generally in the 60s. Hyatt Harborside has some great fire pits on the patio and we all sat outside one night, enjoying the fire and the evening. I took a water taxi to get to downtown and enjoyed some Italian food and then Mike's Pastries in the North End. OMG, they had some pistachio cookies that were amazing. I shopped on Newbury Street and on Charles Street and found some fantastic pens and turquoise embossing powder at Rugg Road. I walked around Copley Place and took the subway back to catch the water taxi. I had dinner one night at Union Oyster House, which was very touristy - you can skip that!
I'm getting very excited about Round Top in two weeks! Very. After looking at this schedule, I decided to take off Wednesday and spend the day there. I may go back on Saturday if I haven't spent all my money, errr, I mean - seen enough of the sites! Oh c'mon... we're talking about Round Top, twice-a-year-filled-with-the-good-stuff, Round Top not HL.
And Saturday we're having a post-Creative Escape crop at By Design - I won't be missing this one! I'm not too sure what I'll work on.. probably a Silver Bella swap or the beautiful canvas I won on Carol Wingert's blog. Yep! That was me! Lucky girl, me!
Sorry I have no pics... I looked at using one from Flickr but it just feels too creepy - like you're stealing... So until I get a memory card for my replacement Sony camera - we'll just have to use our imaginations.


Rich said...

Nice entry.

Jeanne said...

I think I'm glad I don't live near you and/or Round Top. I can't fit anything more in this house!