Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bella Time

I've been up for an hour or so...and the bills are paid so I'll finish my Silver Bella review, part deaux.  On the final day of Bellaness, I had the morning free, which was very nice - wake up relaxed and putter around.  I finished up an envelope journal and organizing playing with my new swaps and small purchases.  The next class was Secret in a Bottle with Lisa Kaus and this time, I was locked and loaded for a good class.  I got into the watercolors and collage.  Its not my strongest suit but I embraced it.  And I have to say, I was blown away by Lisa's willingness to share her art.  I mean, this is her livelihood and here she's showing us how its done.  I love that kind of spirit.  Blogger won't let me upload any photos, so please refer to my Picasa album.
There were alot of new bellas this year and some bellas from previous years that I missed... definitely the Houston crowd of Debe, Linda, Virginia and Julia.  Kinda lost without them.  Jodie from Louisiana. The new bellas were very enthusiastic about being there, which was so nice.  Kerry Barrick was a happy redhead from Oklahoma that was fun to visit with.  Nancy from {Scrap} St Louis was there and it was fun to visit again with her. 
Last class was Sally Jean Alexander and Prize-alicious - soldering a two part pendant that was really beautiful.   I'm not a jewelry maker or wearer but I did enjoy the class.  It was a rectangle and then gothic window shape (that's all I can think of calling it - its 4 am).  I did manage to put together a cool image - me at 2 circled in rhinestones and the word "twirl", with a meaning from this blog post.  I embrace that thought several times a day (or at least try to).  My taping was a bit thick but I also embraced it - it was mine and I created it.  Perhaps I can incorporate it into another art piece.  It was fun to make but I don't think I have the patience to solder as a craft.  I sat with the Bella clique in that class, by accident and felt like I was back in high school and feeling very un-in.  .  It is probably why I won't go back to SB next year - there are so many nice people that share and play nice but that core group that just get, well, boring with their snootiness.  Sorry, I got sidetracked - I wish it didn't bother me but it did.  This year they held a closing dinner and the keynote was Jenny Doh.  I sat with some awesome Dallas girls, Lisa and Susie and Suz and Donna and it was a nice ending for the weekend.  This years classes were fun and enjoyable and I'm so glad I participated in all three swaps.  I enjoyed my Bella time.
Still no pics allowed from Blogger.  Paper boy drove by and I'm back to bed.  

Edited to add:  I wish I hadn't judged those girls so harshly.  It was the last class and required alot of focus.  I've apologized for the name calling and we've mended the fence.  It is a good reminder of this quote:  Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


Linda said...

I'm sorry we weren't there to sit with you. I would've felt just like you did at that table! Sorry. I think the soldered piece sounds magnificent! I will eventually get to your house....

diane cook said...

Came to visit via Laura's blog (52 Flea). Since you were from Texas, thought I'd say hello. I had another "new" friend from Kerrville go to SB, named Rita, and best give her a shout to see how it all went for her.
Also, Colette Copeland is a long time great blog friend of mine~she and I did a collaboration together for BAJ =))
Take care....Love your blog header (I don't think that is in Texas!)

Suz said...

I loved having class with you...and so many times. It was the best of what Bella has to offer. I will forever remember you asking me, "What shall I do here? How does this look?" and I would think, "Why is she asking me? I am not very talented" but, of course, I had to give you an answer, and a quick one. I felt more comfortable this year with more new people. I would have felt just as you did...and I would have loved to have Linda join us at a table! She is one of my favorte blog people!!! Always know that if you come back, I would love to have you at my table anytime!
Big hugs,

Raised In Cotton~ Carol said...

Peggy~ How very sad that you feel the need to publicly judge those of us that were at your table for trying to focus and finish a difficult project at the end of a long day. To be labeled as "cliquish" and "snooty" is unfair especially since I did try to engage you in conversation before the class started. During class, I like everyone else was trying to pay careful attention to Sally Jean's directions so I could actually finish resulting in limited table conversation. Your misguided assumptions of our table and myself were uncalled for.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I met the nicest people ever at Silver Bella. All of us old timers made a huge effort to welcome newbies, too. I hate to hear that some thought there was cliquish-ness because we all tried to battle that image as much as we could.

My pals, Carol and Shelly are some of the most down to earth, sweetest people there ever were. I'm sure that you misunderstood their moods, because those two would NEVER hurt anyone!! If you thought that they were only talking to each other, it could be because they are aunt and niece, but rarely get their special time together. SilverBella is a reunion for them each fall.

I hope that you will look on the experience a little differently from their point of view. They are really, really nice.

pinkroses said...

I was sitting at that table too, in fact I was right next to you. I don't remember much conversation...I was tired and frustrated, and trying to concentrate and not burn myself. This was not a class that lent itself to socializing in my opinion. I do remember sharing-I brought a bag of chocolate for the whole table, Carol gave me a piece of pink ribbon for my charm, and you gave me your extra jump rings because I kept messing up. Everyone helped me find my missing piece of glass when I dropped it. I'm sorry you felt left out, or percieved anyone as being a snob. I thought everyone at the table was charming, including you.
suzanne duda

mendytexas said...

Hi Fellow Texas Bella,
I'm sorry if you felt sad in the class. I was sitting at the same table, with really sweet friends. I was so focused at getting that project finished...I just remember everyone rushing to get all the steps done, laughing, and snacking on some good chocolate! It was a whirlwind of a class! I enjoyed visiting with you at the airport, when all was calm and we were reflecting on our projects. I hope you will change your mind on going back next year.