Monday, November 08, 2010

Silver Bella Bound

You know how you futz around all night doing stuff you don't need to be doing, and avoiding what you really need to get done.  Yeah.  Well, that was tonight.  I ordered a canvas print that I'd bought from Canvas on Demand through Groupon.  Yeah, it should be pretty cool.  And of course, I had to Wiki the location, Delfshaven.  Well, you know why.  And then I ordered 5 prints of a family photo I had photoshopped for my cousin...6 months ago.  Because that really had to get done tonight.  But most importantly, I did manage to get photos of my 3 inchie embroidery swap that I finished last night, that's going to Silver Bella in three sleeps.  A week or so ago I had finished my banner swap and wondered what to do for the 3 inchie... Since I've never done embroidery, I didn't have an arsenal to chose from.  One night while bloghopping, I saw this girl, and my heart went pitter patter when I saw this beautiful dress.  Allison at Dishy Vintage lives right down the road from me and was kind enough to let me use her design.  And so I made this:

There are 12 girls in the swap and I'm so excited to see what the others created.  I swing between panic and pride at any given moment.  I learned, though, three years ago - get in the swaps after seeing so many beautiful art pieces, especially Debe's recipe book that was amazing.  I participated in three this year - vintage trims, banner and 3 inchie... Thanks, Allison for letting me use your design.
Along with stitching this weekend, I made time to go to Urban Market and found a few good things.  An old fashioned white street sign that says, Magnolia & E. 11th.  Three large acorns, two beautiful books with deep engravings of an atlas, two black globes and one regular globe and some vintage trims from the German lady.  I don't know her name, she's just the lady at Cole's/Warrenton that has beautiful and expensive linens.  I found the globes, books and acorns from Kay the book lady - very nice lady.  Don't you want this little trophy... We missed you Megan and wish you were here. I hope you can reschedule.

Made a quick trip to Anthropologie tonight, looking for a teacup for my teacup fairy project.  I know my mother has several beautiful dainty cups in one of the boxes in my garage but had no interest in searching.  I did find this, with the scallop, I think will do just nicely.  And just like Target, I can't get out of that store for less than $100 - too many pretties to buy.  And a few pics to snap.


Debe said...

I will be thinking of you at SB this weekend. I finally get to go to Nutcracker Mkt again!! I hope you have a great time. Fill us in when you get back! Love those little cute.

Jeanne said...

Your embroidery turned out beautiful! Nobody would believe you're just learning! Have fun at SB!

Laurie said...

I loved your three inchey -- so glad to have been part of that swap! What lovely, inspiring goodies!

Suz said...

Your embroidery was wonderful! I am so glad I got to know you and have put your blog on my Google reader. Thank you so much for sharing pictures. There are actually ones of me with my projects...bless your sweet heart!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Peggy-

Thanks for visitng me and leaving me the nice comment about Ina.

I, too can not seem to get out of Target and Anthro without spending $100.00. Add Home Goods to that list also.

I have always wanted to go to Silver Bella - perhaps one of these years I will be able to take some time off and go. I enjoyed reading about your experience in your most recent post.
My best- Diane