Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's funny when you're in London, because the voices in your head talk with an English accent.  Seriously.  I came home yesterday (a day early!) after spending 10 days there - 4 for work, 4 for play and 2 for travel.  I'm still unpacking and washing, getting groceries etc. so in the meantime I'll share some photos.

Fortnum & Mason

One of my favorite stores in London is Fortnum & Mason (thanks to Gerry Averitt for telling me about it years ago).  It has fabulous window scenes and unique gifts - a bit like a smaller English version of Nordstrom.  I bought a Royal Wedding "commemorative tankard" that I thought was pretty.  I have a small collection of Queen Elizabeth 1953 coronation commemoratives that I've collected over the years.

F&M Window - love the English china patterns and tea!  although I drank alotta lattes.

Graphics and Oak, what more can you want.  I loved this display window.

Typical English scene on any work night except this was a bit early and there will be way more people later on.  The Pub originated because the English have small homes and so in their "village" they congregate at the pub instead of their living room.
Green Park, near my hotel.  The spring flowers like daffodils are beginning to bloom and will be goregous for the next few weeks. Its still cold though, coats/scarves & mittens were required all the time, but bonus - no rain!  I scored on Priceline for my hotel - Intercontinental in Mayfair, which was fabulous.
Through Green Park, walking towards Buckingham Palace.

Walked past Clarence House (Prince Charles home) and four cars high tailed it out of there - didn't see who it was.  As I walked further down the Mall, these guys came striding along.

Admiralty Arch, before Trafalgar Square
My biggest score in the flea markets were large printers blocks and some King Edward spoons.  I'll try to take photos of my finds and post this weekend.


Sandy said...

Looks like you had a great trip. Have a nice nap. You may be back on "Tulsa time" by Monday.

Linda said...

Beautiful pics. Can't wait to see more! yes....get some rest...

Cindy V said...

Wow! Looks like you had fun with work! Can't wait to see the treasures that you found. Welcome Home!

Debby Schuh said...

Love the pictures! Any advice on good places to eat in London? We're staying at the Hyatt in the West End... not too far from the Marble Arch (combination points and $). Can't wait and hope Michelle and I have sunshine like you did!

Heatherbell said...

so I see you have replenished your printer's block stash!!