Sunday, February 27, 2011


is so difficult when you've spent a weekend in such a blissful state.  We assembled again, most of us, at Las Brisas Farms in Fayetteville, TX.  There wasn't the usual twenty of us but rather twelve, since this was a reschedule of an iced-in weekend three weeks prior.  We had a newbie, Cindy join us and she was a wonderful tablemate.  I spent most of the weekend making journals from books, playing a bit with an album made out of an album (as in LP - Cindy's project).  Started a few other projects, such as a picture block, my New York album from a Henri Bendel bag and an envelope journal.  On my drive back home, I stopped at a junk store right outside of Industry and found a few bits and bobs.  It was a bit overpriced but it had alot of old small cans, which I want to use as a doll body... And how could I pass up the sweet little church.  I'm going to paint the house blocks and the little cylinder thing is made of wood. 
I've taken these roads several times now... to Round Top or Las Brisas and real or not, there is a washing away of stress when I leave Bellville.  Whether its because of the great breakfast at Newman's bakery, I think it has something to do with being in that part of the world.  It just slides to the floor and out the door and I am peaceful when I hit Industry and then on into Fayetteville. 

I loved the patina of this wood

I also stopped several times to snap a few shots of rural Texas, focusing on abandoned buildings.  I wanted very much to take some of the old barn wood but didn't, for two reasons.  No one to ask if I could and my car was stuffed with half my crafts room so there was no place to "store it" in the vehicle.  But it was fun to at least stop and appreciate it a few moments with a camera.  You have to be still when you're on the road from Bellville to Fayetteville or Warrenton, its Texas Highway 159.  But when you are still and listen, it's amazing the peace and comfort that rolls in. 
Cyclists love the area too.

I'm taking my re-entry back into the real world slowly today.  Loving on the pups alot and unpacking here and there.  (there was alot to unpack).  And preparing for a half week at work and a few days in London's flea markets (my first time to Borough, Covent Garden, Spittelfields, Portobello Market) and then a week at Lloyd's, a different kind of market.  I hope it is a good week for you. 


Debby Schuh said...

Sounds like great weekend! Can't wait to see your Henri Bendel bag! Have a wonderful time in London! The Cath Kidston store in Covent Garden is not the largest but carries the most of all their inventory. It's heavenly! Let me know if you have any suggestions for my trip there in April!

Lisa said...

What a trip! I'm a bit envious but thank you so much for sharing and letting me live vicariously through you!

rv6av8er said...

ummmm london? you didn't tell me about this trip!!

lisa fairbanks said...

the one above is me;)