Saturday, November 26, 2011

Score! Black Friday Finds

I love a day at home puttering, cleaning and just hanging out - drinking coffee; alternating between naps, crafting and cleaning out cupboards - doing that deep cleaning that you don't get a chance to do during the week.  But after a while its time to get out and do something = shop.  I headed out Friday around 4 and found all/most of what I've been looking for.  My first stop was Texas Art Asylum, which is a fun, funky place on the edge of downtown.  Ramona and Jennifer opened this place a little over a year ago and its so much fun to sift through all of the odd junk they collect.  It's a place for artists and they have a good eye on finding just the little bits you'll need - now and later for stash.  And the supply constantly changes, which is fun.  Right now everything under $5 is 50% off - which was everything I bought - the rulers, black bolt of thread, little bottles (the real deal, not a Tim Holtz repro).  I'm going to use the thread as a photo holder and I've looked all over for a pic of Jenni Bowlin's sample... can't find it.  Oh well.  One of the rulers says A Housewife will go out of her way for a yardstick.  Wah?  My last pic from there were to the two casters/wheels.  Take a look at my Pinterest board - Mamie Jane did something awesome with them.  She is my latest inspiration (all over my pinterest) - awesomesauce that girl.

Whenever I go to TAA, I usually stop at Salvation Army on Washington, which is where I found the Setwell pant hangers for $1.50.  Yes, Setwell are  vintage finest.  Yeah!  I can hang my piano paper collages and Charlotte Lyon's banner.  Oh, wait.  I have to finish them!  Next I made my way down Yale with one stop at RF Antiques and then over to Heights Blvd. for August Antiques.  I have a secret crush on the owner, shhhh - don't tell anyone.  They have book room(s) and religious room(s) that are like no other.  Seriously.  And I finally found my scoop!  back in the back of the second shop in a corner, covered by farm utensils.  I was so happy with finding it and then the price - $10 (including a black door knob). It is going to be the background for a vinette (inside).  When H and I went to Waco a couple weeks ago, they were marked $30 at an antique store along the way - and the guy would not negotiate even though we had our arms full of stuff.
Another project - creating the photo holders shown on the current Somerset Life issue.  RF sold me the door knobs for $2 each (not $25/2 at Adkins Architecture.  I was so pissed when she told me the price at AA, I left them on the counter.  Tacky, I know but I couldn't help it.  They had BINS of them upstairs - bins - in bad condition - $25/2 - givemeabreak.)  RF is having a sale til 12/31 - 50% off everything and she showed me her back garage with has a ton of furniture.  I also got the two little candy dishes - they will look cool holding white buttons or tidbits.

A couple of Saturdays ago, I made my way in time to The Guild on Dunlavy and found three things in the Half-Off Room.  I found a Pottery Barn candlestick with nice lines, a cutting board and ah, something else that I can't remember now...The candlestick was gunked out with wax but after a good cleaning and a bit of sanding, here is how I'm going to use it.  I was planning on spray painting with hammered or pewter color but I may leave it.  I bought a ton of cake pans at Junk Bonanza in September - all different sizes for $4 each. 

And then finally, here is a sneak of a current project, that is going to be a wedding gift.  It is so yummy - I am having fun working on it but I will say, it is alot of work!  So many cool buttons in my stash - I love looking at them.  Oops, I see a hole!  I'm going to use the ivory tone/tone ribbon I got at Crafty Scrapper around the edges - yummy!  How can I get back there to get more?

Two last bits.  You know about Pinterest, I assume?  But of course.  If you don't, its such a great inspiration place just remember to pin what inspires you!  I forgot and wasted good time looking for it.  And secondly,  I think I've told you about it before - I've found all kinds of goodies on there.  Mostly quilts - for $5 plus $15 or so shipping.  Yummy, beautiful soft quilts that a grandma has made and her family has dumped off at goodwill.  She'll be happy to know you're enjoying it. 

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emarci said...

Hey Peggy!
Thanks for the great shopping tips! I love love love TAA and was sorry I could not get to their sale. If you ever want a buddy to shop with, I will happily. Have you ever been to the goodwill outlet on Hammerly? That's my goal :)