Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ambien, My New Best Friend

I am so tired. soooooooooooooooo tired.
You ask: where have I been the past two weeks? For 3 days I drove 6 hours each day... from New Orleans and then to/from Abilene. We moved my mother out of her apartment (well, okay, not officially until tomorrow) and attended my husband's daughter's college graduation. As a child of the depression, my mother saved every piece of paper that she encountered. every. single. piece. I searched for a drugstore website for 30 minutes before I realized the bill was dated 2001. We found $4,000 in checks in all the paper - I think we've missed $2k.
Like I said before, you really shouldn't be bitchin because bigger and better shit can come your way. And I'm really liking this stuff, Ambien. Didn't take it last night...won't make that mistake tonight.
My mother in law's husband passed away tonight. I will tell her in the morning. He was 90. I know it will hurt.
I so want my normal life back.

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