Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yeah yeah yeah - victory is mine. I collected $287k at work on an old matter and it feels good. I seem to have knack for finding and collecting money and it feels good when I get it done! I have to admit I haven't been focused on work much lately. I have a million little things to do, mostly doc appointments. I did get some Ambien and took 1 last night and slept like a log. Feel a little groggy today so I probably will just take one tonight and then leave it alone for a bit - unless I go back to no sleep at night.
Last weekend was mega busy starting with the thunderstorm rains Sat am when I left to go to Novel Approach for a paper bag class. The book/bag is really cute and reenforced with brads. Yeah, I know, I didn't really believe it either when Rosemary told me about it. But the class was easy and fun and that store is just amazing. They have tons of very very cool stuff - and all of the new stuff plus stamps and stencils. The paper is amazing. Plus all the latest magazines and books. I'm thinking its my favorite store now. Too bad it is so far away. Nice people too.
Sat eve was Prom for Rachel - she looked gorgeous of course. That girl is so photogenic. She had a great time and came in at 3. My friend, Pat's son went with her - long story but it was good for both of them. Really sweet to see Miss Pat pin the boutonniere on her son - got a good photo of that!
Missed the neighborhood party - oh well. But got some awesome outdoor furniture for the front porch and I am totally enjoying sitting out there. Great breeze - awesome hummingbirds and butterflies. One of my neighbors started it - it is a great way to bring back the "neighborhood" and nice to say hello to the walkers. My goal is to sit out there at least 15 minutes every day. Its also reflection time and quiet time - no tv or noise. Most people have goals to exercise 15 minutes a day - mine is to sit! Ah me!
I've made a few pretty prayer cards, I'll post 'em later. Still lots of pages to go but don't seem to have time to sit and work on them. Hopefully soon. Fri is DeWayne's 90th day being sober. Sat is the neighborhood garage sale and then wedding shower for a work friend's son. Lots going on right now...
Went to Crate & Barrel today to get a wedding/shower gift... Had to get this for me - just too lucious to pass up!

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