Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Good Read

I don’t recall who it was or what blog I was reading that recommended this book, but I am in the middle of it and it is fascinating … Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I don’t know if it is the 50 thing or what, but I am open to all sorts of things that I may not have considered in the past. Learning to speak Italian sounds possible… after reading this book – and interesting. I love it when you stumble upon some real talent - it is so intoxicating. Pure joy.
I’ve also been searching for the past several months for the appropriate container for my scrapbook projects and have vacillated between a china cabinet, armoire, and just about everything in between. Glass doors or no glass doors… Antique or new. I knew it had to be white. I’ve looked at Gallery Auction’s pictures every week, seeking a painted piece from England, to no avail. I finally found this… in all places but Pottery Barn Kids. I love what they have in that catalogue albeit part of me can’t believe that there are children in this world that actually live in those kinds of bedrooms, but whatever… I love the classic lines of this piece and opted for no glass. I keep all these supplies in bins – its time now to elevate them to the proper place. My house furnishings remodel has been in full swing for the past six months. I’ve cleaned out the sunroom, given away tons of stuff and now I have to take pics and post a handful of items on craigslist. Two weekends ago I hired two helpers from a mission – it was my single best proactive move this year. Honestly. $10 an hour for heavy lifting and we did it all in 2 hours. They worked hard. It was kind of scary to hire strangers but I did it and I am so glad I did. Sometimes it feels overwhelming – all the projects, chores, deeds to be done around the house. This was just a great way of getting it done.
I'm going to By Design on Saturday for a class with Debby Schuh. Should be great fun. Saturday night we have birthday celebration at my house for my niece, Megan and brother. Spaghetti Pie, oh my! If you've never tasted this - you are missing out! It's an old family recipe (from Family Circle, I think) with sausage and spinach and cream cheese and cottage cheese! Sounds terrible, huh! Well, it is AMAZING! It's our birthday treat.
I'm getting excited about Creative Escape, which is fast approaching. We have a pre-CE crop last weekend at Archivers for four of us - Karen Clauson, Sandy Horton and Gigi Chapman and myself. What a great group! I enjoyed meeting all of them and getting to know them - nice nice women. Sandy is taking the Debby Schuh class this weekend. We're having a second crop in August at By Design - on the 18th.
Which reminds me... I think I want to go to Round Top this year... when is it? I'm going to Canton for First Monday in two weeks. Yipee!

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