Monday, December 03, 2007

Chinese Backstreet Boys

It was a great weekend - Hugo Chavez got his hat handed back to him. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. I really hate Hugo Chavez and I wish more Americans understood how dangerous he is to our country. I also wish they understood that Citgo is owned by Chavez and the connection between the two. Anyway, I don't get political about much but for some reason this subject gets a flare from me.
I spent all of Saturday getting in a little Christmas shopping and alot of scrapping at Michelle's house, my Creative Memories connection. She totally rocks, and I always have a great time at her house - yummy food and lots of laughs. I finished a baby book for a friend.
Ali Edwards had these linked on her blog this morning. There are some great videos on there, but hands down, this is the BEST one. It is totally hilarious. It's Chinese Backstreet Boys singing That Way. And its been viewed almost 5 million times. Watch it and tell me if you aren't swaying by the end. The first one is also good - the wedding dance. Isn't You Tube amazing.
Oh, yeah, we have lots of Christmas lights on our house... it looks pretty! Good night.

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KhrisW said...

We get the 'our friends at Citgo' commercials out here from Kennedy. I agree with you about Chavez.