Sunday, March 09, 2008


One of my promises for the New Year was to go to concerts. Not go to more concerts - go to A concert since the last one I had been to was Prince and it wasn't in this decade... Last Saturday night I went to see Michael Buble. Basically anyone performing live is enjoyable to me but I have to say Mr. Buble puts on a great show. Very entertaining. And the opening act was Naturally 7. ... Sorry I was gone for a bit, I had to watch their videos on You Tube. They are simply amazing. Watch both the Paris subway vid and this one in Nurnberg. It makes you want to dance, they were so cool. They sing acapella and make the sound of all the instruments with their voices. Watch Say You Love Me, which is an original song of theirs. Those drums are their voice! I just can't say enough - it was a great evening. My next concert is in April to see Bruce Springsteen with my favourite Canadian, Charleen all the way from Halifax!
Every day I get an email from The Foundation for a Better Life with a quote of the day. Here are some of my favorites:
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections, but instantly set about remedying them - every day begin the task anew.

Saint Frances de Sales

In life you can never be too kind or too fair; everyone you meet is carrying a heavy load. When you go through your day expressing kindness and courtesy to all you meet, you leave behind a feeling of warmth and good cheer, and you help alleviate the burdens everyone is struggling with.

Brian Tracy

And this is my favorite - it sits on my desk at work...

Nothing is ever lost by courtesy. It is the cheapest of the pleasures, it costs nothing and conveys much. It pleases him who gives and him who receives, and thus, like mercy, it is twice blessed.

Erastus Wiman I love that - twice blessed. How eloquent.
Okay, can I share some aggravation with you? I hate it when people post photos of their scrap room and invariably they show some great shelf or cabinet from PB or Ikea that you can't buy anymore... It's happened several times now - makes me crazy! I want this Pottery Barn shelf for my room. Is this just a middle-child syndrom?
Oh - and finally, my brother sent me a new website that is pretty cool - Houstonist. They had a great article about the Montrose from August 07. I also learned that there is a place called Peggy's Lake on the Houston Ship Channel, right near Vopak's terminal. Can you believe it! I found it looking at the photopics and then I spent half the morning looking at this man's photos. He is a pilot on the ship channel and takes incredible maritime shots. If you're into that. I am.

I know you need a pic, so here's my Grace. She's going to the beauty shop on Wednesday.

I'm off to download some Itunes. And Tuesday, cross your fingers that Rascal Flatts will actually appear at the Rodeo - we're going to see them ... if they show up!

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