Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I am in LOVE, People!

We've been having some pretty amazing weather here in Houston - a bit chilly in the mornings but so nice all day long. We had a nice Easter - relaxed and shared a meal that everyone helped prepare. It was nice to be off of work on Friday, although I ran out of steam on Saturday and didn't make it to the Houston & Beyond crop. But I knew better than to schedule it - it just seems like I can't do alot on the weekends.
I did get to check out the new park downtown called Discovery Green. I am absolutely in love with it. And forgive me but I have to bubble on about it and tell you how amazing it is! It's 12 acres and it has everything - my favorite is oak alley (below) and the gardens and I haven't seen the fountains in actions, just pictures of it. There's also a dog park and two restaurants and a boat pond and a couple of ampitheatres where they'll have concerts on Sunday afternoons. Oh and an urban market on Thursdays. Its just going to be amazing. It opens April 13th. These partridge family fixtures are staircases to the parking garage. Next to them are wooden structures that act as ventilation for the garage - they're beautiful - made of a Brazilian hardwood called IPE. I took about 4 photos and my camera died and I didn't feel like going all the way back to the car for batteries so I only got these two shots to give.
I mean to tell you that Houston will be so proud of this park when its opens (on the 13th) and it gets to fall in love with it all on their own. I am very proud of my husband and his company for building it.
This fountain is called a Mist Tree and this photo (below) belongs to Sabotai on flickr. You will also find some FANTASTIC shots taken by Pixeltopia of the park - not sure when they were taken, maybe at the preview party.

A big shout out to my friend, Karen who is celebrating a birthday today! We are celebrating her birthday Saturday at Scrapbook Village along with Sandy Horton - will be fun! And then in two weeks we're off to Nashville for Scrap etc!

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