Monday, November 10, 2008

Photography 101 ala Karen Russell

Here is anover rave post. I spent Friday and Saturday taking classes from Karen Russell and all I can do is say OH WOW. Super amazing. My photography has taken a 180 degree turn and what I learned was off the charts. I am so thrilled because I never understood all that stuff - aperture, f-stop, shutter speed, light. She walks you through it and I GOT IT! I'm not saying my photos aren't blurry but I now have the tools to practice practice practice so that I can have clean photos. I was like a giddy child inside during the entire class - it just made a world of difference. If you get a chance to take the class- do what you have to get there and and DO IT! It was my first KR experience and there is something so down-to-earth and real about her. Probably what I love the most is that she genuinely wants to share and has no qualms about it - if that makes you a better photographer or scrapbooker. She's not one of these copyright fools. You know the kind - that post all kinds of warnings on their blogs about written permission and copyright. Please. You didn't invent this. Okay, sorry, off soapbox - back to class. Her online class has a 200 person waiting list and once I've practiced more I may sign up for it but I picked up way more information to work with now... Anyway, I played around a little bit yesterday and took some photos of the dogs (Junior in photo). They really aren't keen on getting their photos taken (I don't know if its the beep or the shutter noise). This one is close to right but not quite there. I'm just so happy that I learned how to use the lens that I bought (and she recommended). It was a great class and a great day because all kinds of friends were there. Ronda & Penny (pictured - without permission!), Sandy and Karen, Laurel and Cindy and Josiane and Cari. On Friday I got to hang out with Sandy and take Karen's scrapbooking classes. The first class was an album of 10 Reasons. I hadn't prepared my list so it was mostly walking through the pages. The second class really rocked - interactive pages - with lots of add ons to a scrapbook page - a great way to add a ton of photos to an album or page. Really great ideas and ways to add pics - loved that class. Lots of great product given. It was great fun to spend two days with a great scrapbooker and photographer. So unassuming and enjoyable to be around. We did make it over to By Design and Novel Approach. I went nuts at By Design over all the Webster's Pages product - a new (to me) design that I am crazy about. Up close they are just gorgeous. Novel Approach is putting itself back together and looks good - they had a little more of WP to add. Now, it's back to work... and a plane ride on Thursday for Silver Bella! Yikes.


ronda said...

I'm still reeling from the class and I loved it too! You should of heard the 3 of us tell David all about it during dinner. You know he got it all! LOL I even read an article and they talked about the different camera settings and I thought I knew what they were talking about! Ha!
I'm glad I'm expressive for your photo opt! :-) love you, ronda

Megan said...

Peg - I thought you were already a great photographer - you took my facebook profile picture and I love it - I don't look fat at all!!

SOOO jealous of Silver Bella you are going to have the most amazing time!!

Megan said...

Evidently I made it my blogger profile picture too!!!!!!!!!