Sunday, November 23, 2008

In a Van Down by the River*

*This is no motivational speech, just a private joke. It's Sunday and I am sick as a dog with the flu. Okay, it might just be a cold with a sore throat but that doesn't sound as dramatic as the pain I feel, so let's just call it flu, please. And I'm hot. I saw this train coming all week and there was nothing much to do so I jumped on board today. Oh well.
I can't possibly catch up all that has happened in the past week, but here is a short recap. Silver Bella was fun and inspiring and interesting. I learned some new stuff and I totally loved the opening dinner when we all stitched a small bird on a pillow ornament. It was a brilliant classic idea and the sight of 200 women stitching was magical. Honestly. I took interesting classes and met really neat people and came home with a suitcase that still is loaded and laying on the floor. I want to play with all my stuff but I think I'll just go get back in bed. Maybe tomorrow. I promise to post photos soon. This is one of Charlotte Lyons' Prada Schmada bags - oooooh so cute, I fell in love with it. And I got a kit at vendor night! Yipee. This is Second Chance, the antique store near the hotel. Really fun and amazing and stuffed with junk. My kind of place - good prices too. I loved Omaha - the downtown area is really nice.

Madonna was great - she really put on a great show and danced like a maniac but also showed a softer side. I am glad I went. She did a routine with jump ropes - double dutch and individual and you know, you can't fake that kind of stuff - she was non-stop amazing. I noticed in some of the photos the next day she had a bandage on her knee.
I want to make a shout out to the coolest birthday girl ever, Laurel, who celebrated her birthday this weekend. I am sorry to miss the show but I know we'll get together soon and party like rockstars.
I got a postcard from my niece, Rachel who is in Navy basic training in Great Lakes, IL where it is freezing ass cold. I am sooooo proud of her and she is doing great. I think of her every morning and can't wait to go to her graduation in December.
And finally, I found Jacki's great blog in South Africa a while back when I saw this post. This week she posted about a local HOUSTON project - too crazy, huh. The Holocaust Museum Houston is collecting 1.5 million handmade butterflies to represent the lives of innocent children taken in the Holocaust. The exhibition will be shown in Spring 2012 - I think I can make that deadline. So now I'm searching for just the right die for my Cuttlebug so I can get started. I hope you will consider supporting the project also.


Julia said...

Peggy......I think you are just suffering from overload-osis. You are one busy woman. I enjoyed meeting a fellow Houstonian in Omaha. Hope you feel better soon. I just now unpacked today! I was crazy tired from Silver Bella.
Come see me on my blog. Julia

Jeanne said...

Great Lakes???? And you haven't said anything? When's the graduation???

miss guido said...

I am making these butterflies with my kids (broad strokes regarding the Holocaust right now) and am using the Accucut butterfly diecut. Great size. Easy for them to create and work with. Thanks for the info!
Melissa said...

I'm wishing i'd made one of those bags! I loved seeing people carrying them all around the hotel