Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Warrenton Finds

I owe you a few pictures of the goodies from Warrenton. It always takes me a while to do that because you have to get good light, set it up, take the pics, edit the pics and then yes, finally post the pics.
These are the linen tableclothes I found.  They will make good fabric for angels or pages.  Or maybe one day I'll get around to make a handkerchief pocket holder... one day.
Here's my bisque doll that was $25.  They had 3 for sale at Cole's for $320.

These are little insulator bulb things (Sandy said they're fuses)... I think  they will make good feet for a box.  And I love red and blue so I picked up the hankie.

Do you even know what this is?  First thing I thought was an angel doll body.  Of course.  Its also the agitator for a washer... With a coat of white paint you won't know the diff.

I saved 2 of the yardsticks for myself - nice thick ones.  And it said Dutch Boy, so I had to keep it.  Isn't the card catalog exquisite with the dove tails.  It was $32.  I know, right.

I've been cooking like a fool on the weekends.  Last weekend I made Cream of Cilantro soup on Saturday and Sunday I put another whole chicken in the crock pot with rosemary and lemon.  Then I picked it, threw in a little cream and dumplings and we had chicken and dumplings.  Really, really good and so flavorful.  I'm telling you - throw a chicken in the crockpot, ball up some foil and place it in the bottom, add some carrots, season up the chicken and add some rosemary inside and on top and lemon and you will thank me.  Promise.
EDITED TO ADD:  Yes, the foil keeps it out of the juices, so that it "steams".  Learned it from Pinterest here!  It is super moist.
It's a big week here.  Oprah is coming to town Friday and I get to be in the audience on Friday afternoon at Hobby Center.  She's taping her show, LifeClass.  I am beyond thrilled.  I'll let you know how it goes.


Sandy said...

Hi, your insulator thingies are old fuses (I'm pretty sure). This is what used to blow when the lights went out. Great finds!!

Linda said...

I love the insulator things! And the agitator angel is great! Why do you put the foil in the bottom? Just to raise the chicken up off the bottom? You didn't say that...??? I need to know!!!

Linda said...

Meant to say...... I can't go to Round Top this time... my life is too crazy right now.... going to Arizona Friday.... love that you are posting...