Saturday, October 06, 2012

Oprah's LifeClass

If you haven't seen my FB posts, I was invited by my good friend, Theresa to attend a taping of the Oprah Lifeclass show in Houston at the Hobby Center yesterday. I had tried to win tickets in the lottery myself but to no avail. T was the lucky girl!  Finally, the big day arrived and I was ready! We had tickets for the afternoon taping and Pastor Rick Warren, of The Purpose-Driven Life was the guest. There was a 2 page list of instructions for attending which included wearing bright colors, eating a big lunch and don't be late! We had a nice lunch at the original Irma's on Chenevert. 
I bought a new green ombre shirt that has a hint of sparkle in it!

We arrived early and there were lots of preparations on the set.  A guy cleaned that desk top twice!
My friend, Theresa.  We were in Mezzanine, one floor up and no cameras. 

Here's Oprah when she first comes out.  Very gracious.  They taped two shows that will air in January.  They referred to Rick Warren's 10th anniversary edition of his book,which will be coming out in January. 

The conversation between Rick Warren and Oprah was very relaxed and fluid.  Both shows went very smoothly, no retakes.  I don't know if they rehearsed everything but it is exactly like what you see on TV.  During each break, she'd tell Dean (the stage director - in the bottom left photo below) - Let's keep going, Dean. 
During the class Oprah would take notes and they would show them on the screen above.  It was interesting to see her handwriting.  During the breaks, she would keep discussing the issues.  Only once did the makeup people come out.

At the end, Oprah thanked Houston for it's Southern Hospitality.  She explained she couldn't do pictures with one person, she did visit with the front row and particularly this one girl - she talked to her for probably a full 8 minutes.  I think it was a girl who told her story about feeling less than/hating her appearance.  It was pretty amazing because she spent a long time talking to her.  Someone else asked for her shoes and she said no - that they actually fit and felt good!  She still kicks them off when she's at the desk.

A full crowd.  If a seat was empty - they brought in a filler.  Comcast was given a whole slew of tickets, I guess they'll be promoting OWN.

And then a final good bye, leaving the stage with her security man, Rick Warren and Dean behind them.  See all the bright colors - everyone was dressed to the nines!
It was a fun experience, so glad I got to go.  While they had some rigid rules in the two page instructions, they were very relaxed at the theatre.  It was touching at times to be there - inspiration stuff.  The show runs so smoothly, which of course, after 25 years of doing it, but I was still surprised - it is just like you see it on TV.  Thank you, Theresa for inviting me!  It was a bucket list item for me.


Julia said...

I got to go to see the Oprah Show about 20 years ago while in Chicago with Chuck...he was on a business trip. I was by myself so they moved me to the second row to fill an empty spot. Great experience! Glad you got to go.

Barb said...

What a great experience and so glad you got to go. LOVE the shirt....can you share where you got it?