Monday, March 20, 2006


Our friends at Time Warner Cable felt compelled to get us back on line/phone service yesterday... this after 2 weeks and four "technicians" (and I use the term loosely) later. I thought I was going to lose it Sat nite because of withdrawal symptoms. I am a news/net junkie. I need a new vacuum cleaner but couldn't surf epinions. I have to do some treasurer work for the AVHA. Not to mention all the blogs and emails I needed to read. I was besides myself and it wasn't a pretty picture. You know the aggravation you get when dealing with your medical ins. provider or obtaining a mortgage... well, that's how it is with Time Warner. All of our stuff is tied in with them, even the alarm system and for some reason it is just too easy to stay but that of course, is on the premise that it all works. If we run into more problems, I swear I will look at getting rid of them. I still have to write a complaint letter... but I'd rather show you this.
I have had this in my mind for a couple of weeks - it is for my father's wife's birthday. I like how it turned out - multi layered. Inside I put this:
In our family we all
collect rocks and we
give them to each other
as birthday presents.
That way we have more
money for cake &
ice cream.
I also made a sympathy card for my former boss (his Mom died). I picked up vellum 4 x 6 sheet with flowers in a pitcher for a quarter - I knew it would make a great sympathy card. I used yellow mat but it was too bright so I inked it with a pad and later realized I should have chalked it to mute it. Oh well.
Today is a wonderful rainy day in Houston! Yipee. I am going to my lss and take a card class which I hear is amazing. I worked my butt off last week so I am taking the day off. More on the butt off later - gotta go create!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful card! And I absolutely love the rock saying. That is hilarious!

Happy Monday