Saturday, March 25, 2006

Can you say Pixma?

My life has gone back to normal, for the most part. I carted around two foreigners for a week and it's funny because you start talking like them in your head with broken English and in a sing song voice (they were Swiss and Dutch). They also remind me how unintelligent as Americans we are - they view the world and we stay in our own backyard. We did plant tours, something I used to do in my old job and I miss that. I am glad I left that job - it was a time and place that is gone but it was really great in many ways. I hate working for a big company (especially the way it has become) but having so many locations was great and I loved the traveling. They had a budget of $25MM for property which is enormous and I miss that. I miss the marketing and brainpower it takes. The stuff I'm involved in now is rinky dink. Plus the people were very proud of their plant/job and I loved learning about turbines and engineering stuff that is so far outside my box. At the end of the day, my former boss was a real jerk and I'm glad I left but I miss the job and my friends and the money. But the company has changed, the friends have left for the most part and I'm doing fine with money as it is. But I still miss it!
I really enjoy my Fri and Mon afternoons off - yesterday I just did alot of errands, which makes me happy. My car is inspected, I have shampoo, movies (In Her Shoes & 24 which somebody highly recommended that I start watching) and gifts to wrap.
I'm doing much better with the girls. It definitely has shifted and I just let go when I start to get aggravated about the little things. We're enjoying time together. I guess the saying is I'm picking my battles. I need reminders that they need to make their own mistakes and to let go of trying to control everything. Plus it doesn't mean they are going to turn to shit just because they mess up some social grace. ha ha. Not that bad but sorta.
DeWayne has gone to Tyler to see his Mom, who fell a couple of days ago. She didn't break anything but she lives for him so it is good for him to see her. We were there 3 weeks ago. I am meeting my friend and her daughter for lunch and shopping. And my new Canon Pixma printer scanner just arrived so I gotta go!

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Anonymous said...

RIGHT BEHIND IKEA? Oh man I am so jealous. It is probably a good thing we don't have one in Tallahassee as I would have to get another job!