Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I'm way behind, running behind, gotta get you guys caught up with life and what's going on. I'm focusing on the good and kicking the bad to the curb. We had an amazing weekend in Canton. Visited DeWayne's Mom and she's hanging in there. She's 86 and her husband is 90 with neither in really good health. But the power chair I ordered from the Internet looks and works great - I'm very happy with it. The weather was wonderful and we enjoyed spring especially the dogwoods. We walked til our legs hurt and bought lots of good stuff. Pewter tray with dragonfly so I can display my rocks once I add some sand. Cute cafe curtains in black toile with black checkered hem. Will look excellent once I find the right rod. I love toile and have to keep myself in check otherwise it would overtake my house. Got my very own pink crocs that feel fantastic on my pitiful feet - my left foot has really been bothering me and these are great! I highly recommend them. I found tons of vintage photographs and bought a dozen or more. I keep saying I am going to do some heritage pages and submit them but to be honest, I just like the photos. I just do. I never had grandparents so on some level I guess I make believe with the photos. Weird, eh?
But there was some sadness on Sunday that I need to share. My husband has figured out that I have projects that are not finished. Can you imagine? I really am bummed about this, ya'll. I said I wanted to get some fabric to make curtains for the kitchen and he said, naw, don't - YOU HAVE TOO MANY PROJECTS ALREADY - his exact words that I quote. I am dumbfounded and depressed. I really thought my secret was safe, nevermind the two storage bins holding albums and boardbooks and whatnot. He has me figured out and I just can't get over it. I thought he was oblivious but obviously not. Damn.
Monday was monumental - Dee got his first 30 day chip. It is red and is beautiful. I feel so blessed - it feels more like 30 months than 30 days. I am so grateful that we are where we are. He's working the program and there is nothing more that I can want. Honestly. I am learning alot from it also - things like reflecting and turning it over to God, reminding myself that I am not in charge. Its just good stuff.
I have to take a drive out to our terminal in Deer Park, which in my book is really close to Friendswood so I will stop in at Novel Approach and take a looksee at their brass stencils since that is the flavor of the month. They have great stamps so should be fun.
Oh wait - the other big news ... the other house is on the market. Praise the Lord - we never thought it would happen. It's only been vacant since September... we finally got the paperwork done and its listed. I just hope it sells soon. I'm so sick of paying two house notes - I can't wait for it to be gone.
It's all good for now... I'm just holding my breath and enjoying it.

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