Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Toile Makes Me Happy

It takes so little... You may recall a few weeks back when my husband kindly suggested that I not buy fabric for curtains - that I had enough projects already. The words that rocked my world. My husband has discovered my two secret boxes of crap I-buy-and-sneak-into-the-house projects. Guess they weren't that secret. Can you tell it still bugs me, primarily because this man never tells me no! Anyway, I digress. Here are the beautiful curtains, that no, I didn't make, but bought in Canton and they make me very very happy and look mahhhvelous.

I went to a funeral today - the mother of my former boss. I didn't know her but she seemed pretty amazing. Her husband died when she was in her fifties and she raised 4 teenage kids on her own. She loved each of her 13 grandchildren and made them feel special. You could tell she was a real matriarch. Hearing about her and how she was a fine example of mother and grandmother inspired me and made me think about how I have been treating my nieces. I want to be a better person. Isn't it amazing how some people teach you how to be while others teach you how not to be. Eloise Blades inspired me and I didn't even know her.

It was funny - I wore pantyhose today for the first time since my father's funeral - 18 months ago. I can't believe I wore that shit for 28 years - 5 days a week.

Going to a Hero Arts party next Thursday at Lone Star. I love hero arts stamps - the bold simple ones (not the watercolor misty kind) - they fit me to a T. Think I'll crawl in bed and look at the catalog til I doze off... Good night.


Anonymous said...

I love the same Hero Arts stamps. The bold ones! Way fun!!

Love the curtains. They look gorgeous!


Tracy said...

Ooooh, pretty. I love me some toile.