Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I just can't use a cuss word in a Blog Title...

Remember this – when you think you have problems, be careful. Most likely, you don’t. Be grateful for all the little things in life. Because one day – BOOOOM. You will really miss all that trivial shit and wish that was your only worry. My 88 year old mother-in-law moved in with us on Saturday. Being responsible for another human being is an awesome responsibility. To say I feel overwhelmed, is an understatement. I cannot sleep. But I am also being pro-active. I am meeting with Sheltering Arms tonight to line up help. She is not an invalid but needs help with most functions. I don’t feel like going into it any more. I just know that my husband will never ever be able to divorce me because he will owe me for eternity. Have you ever noticed how caring for the young, the sick or the elderly is all done by the Woman. In every family.
Okay, I said I wasn’t going to talk about it anymore. I am still going to Birmingham on Thursday. I can’t wait but I also don’t have my photographs ready so I am just going to wing it. I hope nobody gives me any shit about it – either instructor or some bitchy woman. I could just lose it on them – I am fairly close to the edge.
I did take Gracie, our lhasa to the vet (she has an ear infection) and got my highlights done yesterday, along with a Target trip. Don’t you think it sounds better to say highlights done than hair colored. Doesn’t one mean: 30 something whereas the other means, fifty something… ha. I will be 50 next year. I seem to have a running battle with colorist and cannot find one to my liking. It probably boils down to money (doesn’t it always). I don’t like paying $150 for cut and color and I guess I just need to efffing let go and pay it. It all comes down to the dollar and cents. I went to Visible Changes (yuck) yesterday after getting p.o.’d at them 2 months ago because she charged $150 and told me when my head was in the bowl being washed – good timing. I couldn’t let it go so I sent an email – there were some other issues too I can’t remember them but they called and offered $20 on my account. Because I am a money-driven fool, I went back yesterday. She burned my scalp and left nasty brown stain along the hairline that was most attractive. Let me just call her now: Beyotch! It just gets under my skin when people mistreat me – I wish I didn’t take it personally, but I do. And I hate that! I swear if you hear a peep out of me in 6 weeks, whining about how much it costs, you have my permission to slap me. Now, I just need to find a place. When I paid $200 for color/highlights/lowlights/cut and it took 3.5 hours – I wasn’t happy then either. So I just don’t know but I don’t have to figure it out for today.
Oh, we closed on the house. I am so grateful not to be responsible for another dwelling with a pool plus the extra $1k a month is niccceeeeee.
Now you know why I’ve been so quiet. I loved the ScrapStamp Tour in Conroe – it was awesome and I spent a lot of money. And I have lots of neat stamps and tools to show for it!

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