Friday, April 07, 2006

More Paper - As If

Spent the afternoon in Pearland at Novel Approach and found some amazing paper. I know I know, I'm going to a stamp/scrap show tomorrow in Conroe - what was I doing spending more money on scrapping stuff today. Well, Rosemary's car was in the shop and as a good friend, how could I possibly let her sit in that stinky environment all afternoon - that's not much of a friend! She was at 610 South Loop, so what else could we do - go to Papers by Catherine? They'll be at the show tomorrow... I bought the latest Stamper's Sampler and a buttload of paper that is gorgeous. I have to say they had some amazing paper.
I am not a political person by any means but I have to give a shout out for the Hispanic Rally that was suppose to happen on Monday. It really chaps my ass when employers put out bullshit memos - just ONCE, I wish one of them would say - hey, celebrate your heritage and your people and go protest - that's what makes America what it is. Forgo the violence, but stand up and be counted and tell people what you think is important. Man, I wanted to go. Instead they talk about vacation days and not everyone can be off, blah blah blah. The one thing that stuck with me about this whole amnesty protest thing - these people do the work that Americans don't want to do and we ought to celebrate and appreciate that. I sure as heck do.
By the way, in case you were wondering, Kroger's two bite brownies are as good as Whole Foods, but they're $1.50. Buy 'em for someone you love.
I found some amazing articles to read - Heidi links to some old Creative Keepsakes articles she's written and they are just amazing. I really am glad I'm going to Birmingham - I think it is going to be cool. Check 'em out if you get the chance.
Any idea when Target will put out new 1 Spot stuff - probably after next weekend, huh?
I made the second round.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on making the second round - that's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the DT entry!!! Congrats on making it into the second round. I will keep all fingers and toes crossed for you!

Thanks for the perk me up post. I needed it and I really appreciate it!

I looked at going to the Birmingham thing with Heidi. I am jealous! I bet it is going to be fantastic!!

Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the job info!!! I hope it works out for you!