Wednesday, January 17, 2007


My word for 2007 in line with the Ali Edward's challenge is Know. Know your strength. Know your power. Know yourself. I am considering it divine inspiration because it just came to me one day. Know your value. Know that you don't have to do it all. I could probably do a layout a week and have enough inspiration for the year. It's a pretty powerful word. I've been in a pretty hard place lately about my job. They only want me to work 3 days a week on contract. I want full time but I've come to realize I don't want it there. We've had several issues come up at work that justify a full time position but they just don't get it. And frankly, I don't feel like trying to convince anybody. I would have years ago but now I don't want to take on that battle. I know my value. If they don't, I'll find someone who does. But for right now, I'm stuck and its not fun or happy or comfortable. I'm so blaise about it I don't care if they read this. It's put me into the dumps, along with a few other life happenings but I'm trying to remember: This too shall pass.
The next week is extra busy with homeowner association stuff, including the opening of the new Archiver's in Katy on Friday. Woo hoot! I hope to be at the door at 9:30 when they open. And Saturday I leave for winter CHA in Anaheim, CA. I can't wait to experience it. This weekend I'm going to an a crop at Michelle's on Saturday and working an open house for my former neighbor, Wanda. Love showing a house. Maybe I should be a realtor, who sells her scrapbook wares. ha.
After reading the last paragraph, it comes to me that perhaps I should just be grateful. It's a good life. I will focus on that for now.
The sinus surgery went fine. A tad painful but more aggravating than hurting. Still healing but I hope it will prove to be worthwhile. Anything was better than the 10% use I had.
I hope to finish my latest LO and post later this weekend. Perhaps some inspiration on Friday!


Chiara said...

I need to do Ali's Challenge myself.

Becca said...

So glad to see you blogging, Peggy--I've missed you!

My word for the year is "NO" because I'm forever saying "yes" to everyone else--even when I shouldn't! It hasn't worked so far...

Bummed I didn't get to see you at CHA--summer for sure! Are you planning to 'Escape' again this year?