Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Crazy crazy. Life can be crazy. I had my sinus surgery and it wasn't too bad. Not really painful more just a pain in the butt afterwards. It was really good to rest and have no plans or obligations. I slept alot. My little doxie, Killer was such a sweetheart and stayed by my side for 5 days - never once left it. Dogs are so amazing and I can't believe I lived so long without one. I've become one of those crazy dog people but it's okay - I think its a good thing. I will never be without a dog again in my life. I know that.
Went back to the doc today and he took the stints out of my nose. Yes, it hurt and it tickles now but I think it is going to be amazing. He said all is well, come back in 2 weeks. Good deal. When I came home the puppies ran up to greet me and my mother started balling as I walked up. Something felt weird - something was wrong. She got locked out of the house when Nancy left at 2 pm (3 hours later) and she had no way of getting back in. She had no key or phone - nothing. The big gate was locked so she couldn't go to the neighbors, although I don't know what they could have done - maybe call me if she could remember how to reach me. Well, here's a warning sign - something I need to fix. We'll put a key outside and a clicker. And I should probably look into getting the garage wired for a phone.
Okay, I have to go eat pancakes for dinner. Back later to 'splain my AE word.

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