Saturday, February 03, 2007

Creating An Escape

Whew, it was a long day and I just got back from the movies with my brother. We went to Angelika and saw Little Children with Kate Winslet. The Angelika theater is pretty cool, I like it alot - no kids, free parking after 6 and not too crowded. People actually get dressed up to go to the movies - it was wild. (And no, of course, I wasn't one of them...) The movie was interesting and thought provoking and I'm still thinking about it. I liked it because it brings out all kinds of emotions and thoughts. I was going to say that it didn't have a happy ending but it really did - KW got what was important in her life. I'm sure I'll keep thinking about it for a few days.
The morning started out with a bit of sunshine and coffee and the freedom to enjoy waking up naturally and snuggling with my pups. That's a good day. I waited til eleven for the registration for HKS/Bazzill Creative Escape in September. It sold out in two minutes - yep, TWO. Isn't that crazy? I registered but still waiting for the order ID confirmation email, which I guess everyone is waiting on. I don't know anything about programs that handle registration but it seems like someone really didn't understand how to set it up. It was nerve wracking and stressful for alot of people. I feel bad for one girl in Toyko who stayed up til 3 am trying to get in. I didn't understand it myself but kept playing around with it until it accepted a credit card. I don't know why it was so confusing. Anyway, a few people were raging about it on the Yahoo board and I've realized something - which is pretty profound for me. I used to be one of those gripers who would try to get people on my side and validate my position. Now, I realize - just say it to the people who can do something about it. Don't publicly bitch about it. It's immature and pointless. If you really have a complaint - tell it to the right people. Okay, enough of that.
I've finished the LO for my TRUST page - I'll glue it down tomorrow and post it. I'm also going to start my KNOW page for Ali Edwards and then pick a contest to enter. And who knows what else will get done tomorrow. I'd like to go to a crop - I think that would be fun but don't want to load up all my stuff. I think I'll just focus on scrapping here and getting the kitchen table cleared with all the Christmas junk still sitting on it. I know - what an embarressment! And Officer Bob of HPD comes here on Monday morning at 8 am to do an inspection and suggest better security. It's a good thing too... I found out today there was a break in at 4 am while the grandma and grand-daughter slept. That's too close for comfort. As soon as I get the details tomorrow, I'm going to make sure the security committee has all the details and we take action. That's just not acceptable at all. I'm so grateful to have my yappy little dogs because Killer isn't afraid of anyone and he barks like a maniac. That and the 38 next to my bed - I've got my protection. Good night.

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