Monday, November 19, 2007

Scrap TV

Right now I am only taping two shows a day - Oprah and Scrapbook Memories, which comes on at 4 am. I think I taped every DIY Sandy Genovese show so I had to move on... I really wish someone like Cathy Zielske would do a TV show because the two perky women on SM grate on my last nerve. But, I'm left with no other options and I do enjoy seeing Stacy Julian and have picked up a few ideas here and there. I wasted alot of time yesterday looking for a mini-album or card they did where she sewed flaps on 3 sides with a wide zig zag stitch. It was pretty ingenious. Never found it. And I looooookkkked.

Today I watched a couple episodes of Fiskars TV and I LIKED it. Look at the Hodge Podge album - very cute idea - what about adding a transparency to it and maybe a slice of a board book... The second show with Leah Fung and the clipboard calendar is a great Christmas gift - I will do the larger board and maybe landscape with a different font (I'm picky about my calendars). I really liked both of the punches that she used, that allows you to tuck in the corners. Now how can I NOT go out and buy those two punches? With a 50% coupon maybe? Watched the metal card also - I have a bunch of that stuff and the Scrapboss so I will have to try it - the audio is terrible plus the camera angle sucks but you get the idea.

Okay, here's my own personal challenge. I need to get either the calendar or album made by the end of the Thanksgiving holiday... How's that?

I also received the kits from Kimberly Kwan today - yipee! They both are wonderful... I can't wait to make them. They even smell vintage and musty - how cool is that! She included dictionary pages of C and D including a picture of a Dachshund! How COOL is that! My Killer-Boy is everywhere! Ooops, thats a photo-op... Kind of hard to see the red-boy on the red couch. He's my shadow.
Remember the photos I mentioned yesterday about my brothers and sister? Well, this was my absolute favorite one evah. She looks so beautiful there - like a little doll.
Arrggggghhhhh. I screwed up, big time! I've been waiting all night to bid on Tracy Niehues' birthday clown for Becca's Sutton's juvenile diabetes fund raiser and I totally missed it. As I was uploading the photo, I heard CLICK and I thought damn, that's the email telling me I didn't win. Damn. I'm so mad at myself. Damn.

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KarenC said...

Better next time on Ebay. Becca will probably put something else cool up. I wonder if that Leah Fung calendar is the same one that was on Scrap-A-Faire?

I need to get my kids to show me how to record shows. I'd like to see these sb shows.