Friday, November 30, 2007

Baker Company

I had two basal cell spots extracted from my face on Wednesday by Dr. Lilyette Wright. (she rocks!) I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. It ended up being a little bit more painful that I thought but I think I'm through the worst of it.
I got this email earlier this week and felt like sharing. I checked it out on snopes and its true. Instead of focusing on my minor stuff, I want to remember these guys - somebody important. Pretty cool.
The proud warriors of Baker Company wanted to do something to pay tribute to our fallen comrades. So since we are part of the only Marine Infantry Battalion left in Iraq the one way that we could think of doing that is By taking a picture of Baker Company saying the way we feel. It would be awesome if you could find a way to share this with our fellow countrymen. I was wondering if there was any way to get this into your papers to let the world know that "WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN" and are proud to serve our country.
Semper Fi
1stSgt Dave Jobe
I'm remembering today.


suzi blu said...

I hope you are feeling well today.

KarenC said...

I hope you are doing better today and the prognosis is excellent. Sending prayers your way!

KhrisW said...

You're wonderful!