Sunday, November 25, 2007


Oh me. I'm getting that weary, tired feeling again. I just hate it but there is nothing I can do but lay down and chill. His name is Grief and it just wears me out. I was fine up until today. I've been making some embossed cards for Christmas - embossing is definitely my favorite. Here, I'll take a pic. I was thinking the silver looked better but really the black is pretty nice. The jingle one is made with a brass stencil and paste. I really got into paste last year and haven't done any since. But I LOVE embossing.

I mentioned a few days ago missing a bid on Tracy Niehues clown on ebay. I'm fascinated with doing a project with a little round head and ruffled collar made from crate paper. I still haven't figured out how to do it but I will. Anyhoo, she mentioned this blog and so I took a peek. WOW. Suziblu. I don't know how to describe it other than inspiring and amazing. Look at her vlogs about starting an art journal. She is really adorable and it inspired me to start my very own art journal. You start off by writing all the reasons you can't or won't have one and then you cover it with gesso. I had to laugh because about 18 months ago I kept asking everybody - what is gesso, what do you do with it, what is it for... well, now I'm a gesso, matte medium kinda girl. Crazy. Back to Suziblu - this girl has definitely got "it" in charisma or spirit or - I don't know what but I am spending my time looking at her videos.
Nannie came back from New Orleans just now - I made some yummy turkey soup. It is good that she is home. Its funny because I'm not used to living in a quiet house - I'm glad she's home.
Joy is not in things it is in us.


kizam said...

Hi really got me laughing...

'You start off by writing all the reasons you can't or won't have one and then you cover it with gesso.'

LMAO really.....that is great...i have always been intimidated by blank journal pages.
i agree with you about that adorable Suziblu.
finding her site has been a gift truly she is so lovable and inspiring.
i love your old photos too. wonderful black n whites. i grew up in the 50's and have many favorites similar to yours.
so thanks sister friend stranger
so nice to meet you.

diddley said...

I too am now art journaling thanks to the inspiration of Suzi Blu. What a great set of video's she has put out, she's really something.
(((Hugs))) to you for showing others the positive side of life, and for sharing your artist within. :)