Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's just a Tuesday

Ugh. I'm having re-entry issues. Getting back to normal living after an idyllic weekend in the country with scrapping and peeps and the breeze. Here's another photo to smooth out the bumpy ride back onto my earth. This is the outdoor fireplace which is next to the hot tub. We had lunch out here on Saturday. We ate every meal outside this weekend - so enjoyable. Notice the carving? Yeah. Way cool.
Speaking of Earth, I'm missing the end of the Eckard Tolle classes on Oprah.com on Monday night - it's so nice that they are recorded and we can view them whenver we want. I'm glad Oprah isn't a money whore and tried to sell it - she's giving it away. Very kind. It's funny because the same mantra that is discussed in A New Earth - I keep hearing it other places too. Like the Max Lucado quote.
I saw on Jeanette's blog that Anna Griffin has a blog, which is nice to read. I love her paper and her rub ons are some of the best (Jenni Bowlins are #1 in my book). Too bad her designer doesn't follow her class act.
I really liked the mini-album that Donna Downey has on her blog last week (on the 7th). I love how she calls it "alligatoring" - when a mini album is fatter than its spine. What a great term and we've all made those kind of books. The book in the video looks really cute. I know some people are not fond of Donna and I do get put off with her selling but I will say, she has some very cute ideas and I like her creativity. Okay, I'm getting loosey goosey so I'm going to try to sleep. Good night.

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