Monday, May 05, 2008

Urban Market is Sunday

Just a reminder - Sunday is Mother's Day and The Urban Market in the Heights from 10-4. It is a great shopping excursion at a new location - I can't wait! Urban Market is where I found my santos angels last time... amazing treasures - like a small-scale Round Top. I will be driving back from Las Brisas and an all weekend crop with my CM peeps!

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Karen C said...

Peggy - I think I'm going to try to go on Sunday. Maybe David will go with me. I absolutely loved that vintage shop you told me about - Uncommon Objects -- in Austin. I got two wood soda bottle cases that I'm going to find some use for. I could have bought a lot more but kept thinking, I need to visit Mom - I think she has some of this stuff! Thanks for the heads-up! It was fun and the girls loved the costume shop next door.