Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hurricane Ike

As a kid in New Orleans, hurricanes were a fun time visiting with the neighbors and no worries. As an adult, it was frightening - the sound of the wind and trees bending in half. We are fine - no major damages just trees and fence. On Day 7 we don't have any power but we do have water. For the past few months I've been traveling and wishing I could lay in bed and snooze with the pups and I got that wish granted this week. The weather (up until today) has been that wonderful kind of fall weather - cool breeze and sunny - makes you happy to be alive. We are very blessed and we think of that every morning. It is still a struggle - gasoline is scarce and groceries too. Some restaurants are open. Alot of traffic lights are out so getting around takes alot of patience. We've become closer to our neighbors, getting help and giving help. Thanks for the emails. I'm back at work today and we hope to get power within a week. We know we are so so so fortunate.

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Kara Ward said...

Your blog banner has me laughing out loud! Hurricanes and Tornadoes really know how to shake things up! Kara