Saturday, September 20, 2008

IKE Update

Okay, I've got some good news and some bad news. The good news is we have water, the bad news is we DON'T have power. and it totally sucks. I'm a stressed-out wimp and the only reason I can joke about it tonight is because I am staying at my sister's house in Fairfield and SHE HAS POWER! If you want to see some really incredible photos of Galveston and southeast Texas, take a look at these. They are amazing. We're now able to buy gas without waiting in line, and a hot meal and I hear the grocery stores have some groceries but I haven't been in one yet. The mosquitos are bigger 'n Dallas right now and I actually kissed a lineman from Chicago who drove down our street today. Okay, maybe not kissed, but you know, I showed the proper respect (for a scrapbooker) - I took his picture. His normal territory is Crystal Lake - imagine that, Jeanne! We're oh so fortunate not to have major damage but right now, I just want my life to go back to normal.
One of my favorite local photographers on Flickr is OneEighteen and his house in Seabrook area was seriously damaged. Along with making beautiful pictures, the guy has an amazing attitude. The guy is a pilot on the Houston Ship Channel and captures some awesome views. I became acquainted with his photography when I saw a picture of Peggy's Lake. The fact that it included a power plant was a bonus for me! He captures great portaits also of crews from the ships he chauffers into the channel. It's just stuff and inconvenience but man, this stuff is kicking my butt!

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Jeanne said...

So cool I could share him with you! How great is it that he's there from my neighborhood to yours! I just wish they'd work harder & get your power back for you. Hang in there!