Monday, April 27, 2009

FKS SSL Project Pics

Was that whiney enough for you? Sorry about that - it sure did feel good to sleep in my own bed. Late this afternoon we had a HUGE thunderstorm that knocked out electricity for a couple of hours. After IKE, I bought a large lantern that sure came in handy tonight. A little after eight, we were back on and I could start the unpacking process. Because I'm lazy, I'm stealing a couple of photos from other people to show some of the projects from this weekend. I loved the size and style of Cheryl Mezzetti's beautiful project - the colors from CI's Narratives line really resonated with me, along with a few fun techniques that she added. I knew nothing about her before the class, but with her BAWston accent and funny stories, it was a great class to close out the event. Loved the attention to detail.

I wish I had a photo available of the Clear Scraps Scrap St. Louis project that we made. It really is terrific - I loved making it and I love that it is so unique! Last year we made a cute Mickey Mouse album and this year was just as spectacular. I still haven't unpacked all of my goodies and my project was pretty close to finish. I'll take photos soon (don't you hate when people promise that kind of stuff - kind of like - let's do lunch).

Anyhoo, using Ten Seconds Studio metal, we made a very cool tag with Linda Cain. She was just delightful and so relaxed and easy to be around. I would definitely take another class from her. And like I suspected - I loved working with the metal.

Wendy Vecchi's project was cool - fun to play with grungepaper. I'm just a wee bit of a freak about getting all that ink on my fingers... I know - lame but thats just me. I liked the design of the project but I just wasn't firing on all cylinders for that class.
Okay, I was a total dweeb today. I saw this project on Layle Koncar's blog and went to Pier One at lunch and bought a bird stand. Also picked up a beautiful blue bird plate... not sure if I'll keep it on my desk at work or in my scrap room. I really wanted one of these beautiful pillows (it has embroidery on it), but I drew the line quickly. They had some very cute white patio furniture ...
Oh and one of the St. Louis ladies, Ann Caryl used a Mighty Bright light during class - spiffy and we all oooohhhed and aaaaahhhed over it. Think I just might need one myself. It uses LED bulbs and she says she's had it forever and never replaced one!
That's all I'm saying. Good night.


miss guido said...

you are not whiney! it is always good to come home and sleep in your own bed.

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY! You're not being whiney at all. It's always fantastic to get away but it's always even better to come back home!!!

Luv n miss you P!

Linda Cain said...

So glad you came. So glad you had a good time!
Hope to see you again some time!

Your New Friend in ART,

Linda Cain

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for review, this is one of those events that many of us would like to get to 'oneday'.

As for ink on the hands, sometimes if I need to stay clean, I will use those disposable lyrca gloves, it saves the manicure.