Thursday, April 16, 2009

I {heart} Anthro

Been doing some fun things lately. Created this for my hubby - an accordian album for his desk at work - b/w pics of his father, who died 30 years ago. I made this simple and sweet - I didn't want to over do it - confuse the focus. When we did the Donna Downey project in Vancouver in 07 of b/w photos on bazzill 3 x 5 cards - it crystalized in my mind the need to get old photos out into view... and I've made several versions as gifts.

Last night the downtown Central Library had a workshop about memoir writing, given by an author, Thomas Larson who wrote a book called Memoirs and the Memoirist. It was a fascinating talk and we spent about 45 minutes writing also. He explained that an autobiography is (drawing hands out like an accordian) is about a lifetime whereas a memoir can be like a vertical cylinder - about a specific person, passion or life event. It was thought-provoking, different group of people and a great way to spend an evening. Thanks HPL! I'm kicking myself for not buying his book. He hails from San Diego - not sure why he came to Texas, but glad he did.
Lunch today involved some inspiration, thanks to our favorite, Anthropologie. I mean - what a great store. The creativity just flows like a river when I enter the store. I realized today in the middle of it are several large box skylights - no wonder it is flooded with light and feels so nice. Okay, tell me this cabinet is not the yummiest?? A large concept library card catalog - too cool. I'm not thrilled with the rolled book "collage" but it is an interesting concept. The drawings are very mid century modern, (another way of saying 50s) - v. interesting. I picked up several cute things, but I can't show them to you because some of them might, just might be gifts for friends that I will see next week in St. Louis. St. Louis, rah! I can't wait... to see all those Chi town girls plus the STL girls - it will be just too much fun. In 6 wake ups, as they say on the Yahoo board.
And have you seen Tim Holtz's projects posted on his blog today? I am in love with the second project, Transparent Illusions. I'm pretty sure it is an IKEA mirror. It fits me to a T - I am dying to make one. How much fun to spend the day learning all those technics. Will he do something similar at CE? Who knows! I am so on the fence about taking his class at Ten Seconds Studio in June... I would just love to do it (bonus is hanging with Cheryl!) but first I have to make it through May, which is going to be brutal. Not for me, but the hubs, who isn't thrilled when I travel.

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