Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Funniest Thing

happened this morning.  I told myself to get off the computer at 10 and start on my "to do" list.  And precisely at 10, my computer froze up so I HAD to get off!  I spent several hours going through boxes in my garage from my Mom's house and found a motherlode of old photos from the 50s - of my older brothers and sister.  I'm thrilled to find them and loved looking at them.  I also found a scrapbook my mother made of early Germany when she left Weirton, WV and eventually met my father.  Who knew - my mother the scrapbooker! 
I delivered some boxes to a local charity and they have this angel in the courtyard and I finallyr emembered to bring my camera.
I saw my neighbors for a few minutes today and they were dressed up so I snapped a few photos for them - they look great.  And then I tried photographing my spoils from yesterday's Urban Market and blah.  Just blah.  I am trying not to whine but I really need to work on my styling abilities.  They don't exist.  Really.  Does anyone have some suggestions on how I can improve?  There's all kinds of blogging advice and tutorials but I need to find my inner Heather Bullard because she is nowhere to be found!  Argh.  Here goes..
I was looking for a taller basket after seeing one in a photo of Ina Garten (Barefoot Contessa's) kitchen but I still like this one. 

These are some of the linens I got ... there is one beautiful pillow that was in pristine condition and she sold them all for $5 each... The hankies were $3.  Guess who they're for?!!

 I found the silver basket thing at Pam & Sherry's booth - I think the wires are heart shaped!  I want to make a gauzy silky pouch for it.  The glass pieces are lamp parts and have holes in them!  I was thinking of making frozen charlotte dolls with them?

I love anything to do with Holland and the two black toile plates just spoke to me. 

Another pic of the glass lamp parts with a vintage divided dish.

And here is a pic of the gray bathroom.  I'm very happy with it.

That's about all I've got.  I do want to mention Egypt - it is so thrilling to see what is going on there and Saturday, when they were cleaning up - it just made my heart sing.  Two months ago I knew nothing about it but I've learned alot at work and from my boss, who lived there for several years.  It is so exciting to see change being made - I pray it stays peaceful.    I hope it is a good week for you.


Sandy said...

You always find such great stuff there!! All I every see is overpriced stuff or stuff I could make myself. Wish I had your eye. But it is always good for ideas and a chance for Wendy and me to have a Sunday morning together.

Linda said...

You do find great stuff.... My only suggestion on the picture taking.... is to take it all outside to photograph it. Also...a white blog background seems to make things really pop.