Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

It was, wasn't it?  First of all, it is my former neighbor's birthday, H - so big shout out to H for her birthday.  She's an amazingly funny and kind person and I have been fortunate to know her since 1986 when I moved in next door to her and her fabulous family.  H has done an amazing job in raising three beautiful daughters, and lives f-a-m-i-l-y every day. 

Okay so two great things happened today... Pedro came over and painted the guest bath a nice simple gray, SW Olympia Gray 6253. I really like it and I'm glad I have more gray in my house (my foyer is grey). And the other great thing was having a fun afternoon at Urban Market and going to dinner with Debe and Cindy. We went to Grappinos and the food was great - I was a bit surprised. I had a nice small tenderloin with arugala and some kind of Italian bean - it was yummy. I also happened to carry my camera with me to UM... want to see some images?

Yummy ironstone

There were 3 bottle dryers in the house - I wanted all three.  And you can never have enough bobbins.  This was High Fashion's booth.

Hot Peanuts, of course!

The Gaudy Sisters, Pam and Sherry have a booth in old town Katy and Sherry makes GORGEOUS pillows from old linens.  I bought a pretty ornate container from them - I'll take a pic tomorrow.

 From the Seed Box - they're in Round Top and always have fantastic displays.
You can never have enough ruby slippers.

 This was at French Vanilla, Peg & Jon Van Dyne - I found several great glass pieces from vintage lamps.  I enjoyed visiting with Peg - she has some great displays.
I bought a ton of stuff from one lady and I can't remember her name... two wooden shoe molds, several tart tins and linens - oh beautiful linens... She said her daughter bought a 40' container of french linens, sight unseen and it was stuffed to the rafters!  Oh my.

And this is Tamara Moore, a local painter/muralist.  She was recently featured on Holly Mathis' blog here.  

I'm going to take pics of my stash tomorrow while the sun is shining.  I always seem to find a few things at this show and they make me happy.  I'm going to go look at the linens again.  Because they are that pretty!  


Sandy said...

Does this mean that it's worth the trip? Last time I was a bit disappointed. Never thought it was as good as that first time -- I guess cuz I bought some stuff! LOL Can't wait to see what you got.

Princess said...

Thanks for the "honorable mention" in your blog. P, you're too sweet. Also, the best neighbor anyone could ever have.

Linda said...

Wow! A 40' container of French linens? What more could one want?