Sunday, February 06, 2011

Rumble Tumble Jumble

Lots of thoughts tumbled around in the noggin today.  First of all, it is absolutely fabulous outside - breezy and warmish, that screams:  take me to the park.  But I'm too busy creating and getting ready to go see my Mom.  And let me just say, I miss her so much these days.  When she lived with me I didn't realize how much she was affected by the dementia but now when I see her, it is painfully clear. And I hate going to the "home" to see her.  It's a nice place but I wish I could still take care of her and that she still lived with me.  

Yesterday was spent watching my niece, Megan play her last home basketball game (Go Mustangs!) and a little crafting and shopping.  I found these lovely tumblers at Pier 1 and I think I'm going back for two more.  They have a vintage feel with pretty ribbon of hobnail pebbles on four sides and a scallop bottom.  Lurve it, as Megan would say.
I really want to make a sampler/quilt type pillow and pulled out some vintage linens and lace but that's as far as I got.  I keep telling myself I'm not a sewer or stitcher, but I really need to let that go and just do it.  Like any of these crafts, my first one will not be perfect (or the second one) and I just need to let go and play.  But I'm too afraid of "messing it up" or using the good stuff.  Don't worry - I'm working through it.   I did put together another Valentine block - I found this image on either Graphics Fairy (thanks, Karen) or Flickr.  And I'm proud because on the red ribbon at the bottom, I did french knots on each side of the flowers.  Those flowers are like 6 years old... I've loved them and never used them on a project.  I layered the paint with 4 different colors, something I struggled with last Silver Bella but thanks to Lisa Kaus and Carolyn Peeler, I think I've found that groove.  The heart on top is styrofoam packaging, with black Bazzil bling envelope and thats a glass bell that I found with Sandy in NYC last November.  Remember, when she and Wendy dragged me out of the sketchy flea market so we could go to the real one!
I stopped creating on Fri nite to have dinner with the neighbors and ran back home for my camera when I realized the photo op before me!  I don't know if the parents would want me to post the photos so I'm just showing this one.  I got about 25 great shots individually.  One of the little girls, Helen (in red) at 3 was a whirlwind of activity and nearly 85% of her photos were blurred.  So cute but that momma needs alot of energy to keep up with those three for sure.   I think socializing with the neighbors is one of my top 10 activities.  My other neighbor went with me when I sold my car to a Craigslist buyer and this neighbor, Katie called on Thursday to tell me my sprinkler pipe busted.  They shut off the water and saved me!  I feel really blessed.
Okay, have you seen Pinterest.... AS IF we need another distraction but it is so so enticing.  I saw Katie Bee Creative's pins and fell head over heels, with both the site and her pins.  Love her style.  My favorite today is:  KARMA'S ONLY A BITCH IF YOU ARE.  yep.  
On Friday while floating through pinterest I saw these cupcake toppers from an etsy shop and decided I had to make a few...  Reminded me of this stitching project.   Looks like the purple/pink ribbon is coming apart - I'll need to replace it.  And if this isn't the cutest idea for a party!  Look at her blogmast - I love that dark paper in the center of the rolled paper wreath...

And don't forget next Sunday is Urban Market, at the new location of Smith and Elgin.  I'm thinking I will pay a visit Saturday evening - why not, it's just money (as my Dad always said).  Last Sunday when I stopped in at old town Katy I found two gym baskets for $15 each.  One is in my new Tahoe, the other is waiting for its calling.  And if you will, say a prayer for me for things to lighten up on the workfront - I'm having a really hard time with it and its worn me down to a frazzle.  Let's hope its a good week for all of us!


Debe said...

Love your Valentine block!! You are making some lovely pieces. I love how you are expanding on them...go for the sewing. Make a simple pillow covering and hand stitch your vintage pieces. That way you can always take them off to use somewhere else if the mood strikes. May see you Saturday evening. Sorry work is beating you up. It has to get better with time, I hope!

Linda said...

I love your Valentine block, too. Hang in there, girl. I'm praying for you!