Friday, January 20, 2006

Whiney Hiney

From everyone I talked to - yesterday was no fun. All around the globe, people just had a crappy day. I am one of those people. Frustrating was more like it... until I went to stamp "class" and it was a blast and fun and creative. It made it all go away. That is why I love thise stuff. My goal is to clear out my crafts room so that I am free to do more of it - just play and create.
But let's get back to the crappy part for a moment so I can be a whiney hiney. I decided after lunch to go full force into it. It is hard to let go but it seems once you do, it dissapates and isn't so important or hard anymore. Yep, it happened again. Our neighborhood just had new streets put in and new decorative light fixtures. Two streets have them, four streets don't. I got to rush in and be a hero about issuing our directory and that felt good so I thought I'd put my cape on and do it again. Well, not so fast, missy. There are some bad boys at Centerpoint that didn't get the memo. It is a really good lesson for me in not taking it personally. But of course I did. I'm working through it. The guy actually lied to me - I am still having trouble with that one. My husband laughs (he's in construction) and said it happens every day - they have no intention of being on site but they lie right to your face. I am naive. The problem is I was raging inside my head all day yesterday and sometimes that seeps out when I drive. Not good. Need to change. Finally talk to the Liars boss and supposedly they are going to fix it. Question is - do I go to the Liars boss's boss or give the Liars boss a chance? We're suppose to find out Monday - I am not a patient person so I am going to just work on today of letting go. The good news is I didn't totally lose it and cuss him out - I acted like a grownup. Whoo hoo for me.
So, back to the creating part. Once a month I go to a stamp club a bazillion miles away in Katy with my cohort, Rosie and we do cute little projects and it teaches me to just play. This is so opposite of what I do for a living and people think it is natural and comes easy but it doesn't - almost but not quite yet. We made a cute little card with pink and black paper and glitter and polka dots and LOVE stamps. Also a cute boxing day type cracker filled with candy and tissue paper. What I love is the projects are simple and easy but cute and fun. Its 1/3 of a paper towel roll filled with candy covered with tissue paper and paper and tied with jute - now how hard is that? The other was a tag with a brad - it was cute too. I am getting into stamping - just adding a bit to the cardstock - another embellishment. I bought a buttload of acrylix stamps because I love them and I need to make up for last week - ha ha just kidding. Rosemary was the hostess and made two yummy cheese dips and she gets credit for what we buy, that's why. Then she turns around and tells me to use the credits... I've got really great friends.
Two things I will do this weekend - today I am going to a neat embossing class and I am going to learn how to post pics on this thing. Wish me luck!

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Gretchen said...

At least your stamp club was fun right? that' something!!! :-) It sounds like fun... and hey! you can't go wrong in Katy.

Hope this week is better for you!